While distribution whereas dictatorships tend to establish an

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While growing up Belarus was influenced by the historic Soviet-era functions, suddenly in 1990 Belarus declared its autonomy and established a Republic with hopeful signs for the people to look towards the west for economic expansion and stimulation. This optimism didn’t last long when Alexander Lukashenko changed all of that upon taking office in 1994 and started to shift his attention away from the West and back towards Russia and the dreams of escaping from economic misery for the common people was broken.         Belarus has identified itself as a Republic, however, most individuals still regard it as a dictatorial regime. Under a dictatorship, economic gains accumulate into the controls of a few closely linked people.

This precludes the rest of the population from growing. Without democratic systems, those in power ignore the desires of the populace while enriching themselves.         Development of any society involves an educated and aware mass which can furnish the individual resources needed for its expansion.

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With education, comes the knowledge of human rights and the intermediate stages show the growth of the middle class. It is the existence of an educated middle class which serves as the primary stabilizing force in most democracies as the underprivileged are too weak to confront the system and the wealthy are ones benefiting from the tyrannies.         Also, improvement of a country is further determined by the human conditions such as child mortality percentages, life expectancy, etc. which can be beneficial only if the community possesses a fair distribution of resources. Democracy supports such distribution whereas dictatorships tend to establish an impoverished majority and an elite circle. The authority of Belarus under the regime of Lukashenko has continually exploited the people, along with the educational and economic processes in order to retain power.


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