While laws that govern the nature, was when

While learninggeometry in tenth standard mathematics was the first time when I was astoundedby the logical approaches involved in a subject. While applying these conceptsof geometry (mathematics as a whole) in physics to derive and represent many ofthe physical laws that govern the nature, was when I first became aware of thecomplementariness and interlinking of sciences. There raised my interest toexplore the vast fields of science which eventuated in my choice of the stream’Physics Mathematics Chemistry’ in high school. I excelled comfortably bymastering the conceptual and logical aspects of the subjects. All these days,my curiosity for experimentation of the learned concepts had built up, since wewere not provided laboratory facilities in our high school. Eventually myinterest in Physics mounted up, and this was complimented by my ability todemonstrate perfection on several occasions which made me cognize that I hadwhat it takes to become a well-rounded Engineer. As a result of my consistentefforts, I was one amongst the top 0.

3% of 150,000 students in the entranceexamination to study at the prestigious VIT vellore.I felt that Engineering would be the area, whichwould give me the opportunity to learn and explore how the fundamentals ofscience are applied to create technology for practical and real purposes and soI chose to major in Mechanical Engineering for my under graduation with an intense urge to delve deeper in to thechallenging field. The varied mechanical engineering courses have implanted alot of enthusiasm in me. Participating in various mechanical workshops held inour college during National level Technical Fest (GRAVITAS) has helped me inunderstanding the practical aspects of mechanical courses. Of all the courses,Industrial management has provoked a special interest in me. I have learnt manytechniques in this course .

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These techniques paved way for the improvement inlearning process of Industrial Engineering. I have been an avid participant atmany co-curricular activities. I was the coordinator at Publicity and Marketingfor Riviera 2017( a national level cultural fest ) and Gravitas 2016( anational level technical fest).Finance head of Society Of ManufacturingEngineers(SME) and also organized 3D Printing workshop by SME VIT.Also I havecoordinated Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) workshop conducted by SME VIT.To tell you more about my interest, the hardwareproject, Fabrication of chainless bicycle   which aims at incorporating fewfeatures of standard Design models, was an opportunity to gain knowledge ofdesign applications in Mechanical Engineering. The undergraduate courses hasnot only provided me strong fundamentals, but also has encouraged me to learnmore and goaded me to continue research related activities.

My immediate careerobjective is a master’s degree in Industrial Engineering followedby a PhD and research oriented career in industry or academia.The choice of a good university with a faculty dedicated to teaching andresearch and an atmosphere conducive to learning, thus becomes extremelynecessary. I also did summer internship at Bharat Heavy ElectricalsLimited (BHEL) and worked up a technical report on “MANUFACTURING OF STEAMAND GAS TURBINES”.Mere technical knowledgedoes not mean everything in life. There are many more facets to life.

Believingthis, I have always tried to be in the forefront of extra-curricular activitiesright from childhood. I play basketball, football and Cricket. I was thecaptain for my school team in several inter-district school matches. It wasfrom these games that I learnt the importance of team play.

  I joined the SME (Society of ManufacturingEngineers) student chapter of our college. I was also the Board member of SMEand Transmission engineer at Team Celerity (VIT university’s official solarvehicle team), the Mechanical Association of my college and organized manystate-level technical and cultural festivals and Industrial Technical Tours.The undergraduatecurriculum in Mechanical Engineering at VIT University, Vellore, introduced meto a wide gamut of subjects, both in and outside the field. Various courseslike Industrial Engineering Management, Total Quality Management andReliability, Fluid Mechanics, Rapid Manufacturing Technologies and Dynamics ofMachinery and Operations Research have provided me with a strong footing inthe theoretical concepts of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering.My undergraduatecurriculum has given me sufficient exposure to various possibilities forresearch although I believe it will not suffice to keep up with the pace ofcurrent developments. It is my strong belief that graduate study isindispensable for acquiring a deep understanding and insight into subject.

Graduate study will provide me with advanced knowledge about the field. It isprecisely this reason which leads me to pursue graduate studies as the nextstep towards my career objectives. I am desirous of pursuing a graduate program in Engineering Managementand continue further with a research program in applied areas of EngineeringManagement.After going through yourwebsite I found that by taking graduate studies at your University,I would be able to venture out into various subject domains and also develop adeep sense of independence coupled with responsibility and self-reliance,characteristic of the American culture. It would also help me to learn globalstandards in this field and become aware of the worldwide competition, which Iconsider would be a great help for me to make a strong contribution in thefield of Industrial Engineering.

Your university with its unique graduate programin Industrial Engineering and with its commitment to foster intellectualexcellence is remarkable and attractive to embark upon an academic career. 

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