WHIST Q&T Quiz 2-1

Topic: SciencesPhysics
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Last updated: April 22, 2019
The arc of rich soil between the Mediterranean Sea and the Persian Gulf.
Fertile Crescent

Made farming in ancient Mesopotamia possible.
Irrigation and drainage ditches.

Independent city-state in Sumeria.

Collection of laws devised in ancient Babylon.
Code of Hammurabi

Sumerian writing system.

The term for a large political unit or state, usually under a single leader, controlling many peoples and territories is _____.

The Mesopotamian religion, which identified nearly three thousand gods and goddesses, can be described as _____.

Around 2340 B.C., the Sumerian city-states were conquered by the Akkadians under their leader _____.

The Sumerians invented all of the following technology _____.
The wagon wheel, a math system based on units of 60, and the sundial.

The most famous piece of Mesopotamian literature is _____.

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