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Whitbread was founded in 1742 and started off as a brewer, nowadays they specialise in the restaurant, hotel and fitness markets.

Whitbread’s corporate vision is “to be the customers’ first choice for enjoyment as the UK’s leading leisure company”. They are constantly reviewing their mission statement in order to achieve its corporate aim to double the value of the company within five years.Whitbread realise that its future lies in the high growth market, where it was already a leader, and they decided to stay clear of the low return business which it was founded upon. Whitbread PLC has recreated itself as the leisure business with a portfolio of brands that are, or have the potential to be, leaders in their markets and which aim to be the customer’s first choice when looking for enjoyment.Whitbread has had a 7.6% rise in ore tax profits for the year, its profits have been boosted by the introduction of restaurants and gyms, which have helped ease the strain of lost profits form there hotels due to the fall in that area of the market after September 11th. This show there like for like sales is above their target of 5%, which shows that Whitbread are performing well in providing goods and services that customers want.How attuned are management in Whitbread to the need to increase efficiency, quality, innovation and responsiveness to customers if Whitbread has attained an advantage in any of these how has it done so?Whitbread has many procedures in place to ensure increased efficiency, quality, innovation and responsiveness to customers.

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Whitbread communicate well with their staff and customers and regularly have feedback sessions in order to gain knowledge so they can provide a higher level of service. The feedback from the employees comes in two forms, either an anonymous survey called VIEWS or person to person discussions. Also each individual division – Whitbread Restaurants, Whitbread Hotel Company and David Lloyd Leisure – have their own marketing departments and strategies. This allows them to stay specific to their own individual needs again allowing a higher level of service. In order to ensure ever improving standards Whitbread have a risk committee this has a positive impact on efficiency and quality.Whitbread are in tune with customer needs and realise if a customer is unhappy with one of Whitbread services they will not use another.

For Whitbread customer care is broken into three main elements, legal requirements, customer services and research. This shows they are aware of customer needs, and are capable of satisfying them.They look at what the customer wants, and provides the service accordingly. One example of this is that David Lloyd has all there facilities under one roof, and they are also developing smaller centres in urban areas in response to customer needs. They have also responded well to the fact customers do not want genetically modified foods by clearly stating not none of the food provided in their restaurants contain GM ingredients, additives or flavourings.

In short Whitbread’s management are well attuned and provide a great service overall. They strive to improve efficiency and quality, and are always introducing new ideas in response to customer wants.Describe the way Whitbread treats it’s Human Resources, and how this treatment affects the attitudes and behaviours of its workforce and ultimately organisational performance.The leisure industry is very people orientated so most employees deal with customers on a daily basis so it is vital that the employees come across well to secure the customers loyalty and enjoyment. With around 70,000 employees working in its restaurants, hotels, health clubs and service departments Whitbread realise happy and satisfied employee’s equal satisfied customers which leads to happy shareholders. So Whitbread has a commitment to its people and treats them to there three main principles:- It cares for them;- It makes clear what is required from them;- It treats people as individuals.Obviously Whitbread has to adhere to all legal requirements involved in employment such as minimum wage and the working time directive but they strive to be better and have many operations in place to ensure that employees enjoy there work at get what they want from there job.

Training is a big part of this, ensuring that there staff are not only the best in there field but they have the training, experience and qualifications necessary to advance in their chosen career. They pride there selves on versatility through there wide scope of the market.For example a health and fitness manager at David Lloyd leisure, after the necessary training provided, can become the manager of the fitness centre in a large Marriot hotel.Comparing the Whitbread mission with either container Store http://www.containerstore.

com/learn/index.jhtml ranked #1 by fortune magazine or TD Industries http://www.tdindustries.com/Aboutus/Main.

asp ranked #4 by fortune magazine or, www.voiceforchange.org a charity organisation building homes for the street children of Brazil. Determine to what extent the statement provides a sense of purpose that employees can believe in and relate to.

Voice for Change is a very different company from Whitbread and has very contrasting and opposing aims, views and visions.Voice for Change:- Is a non profitable charity organisation- Aim to build houses for the homeless children of Brazil- Aim to help others less fortunate rather than it’s self.- Aim to educate the homeless children- Aim to provide Guidance and a portal back into society.However Whitbread:- Is a profitable organisation- with the one core purposeThis core purpose is to make money for its shareholders. Return on capital employed is the main interest of Whitworth and it constantly strives to improve it by moving and adapting to new markets with potentially high growth rates, which currently is the UK leisure industry – restaurants, hotels and active leisure. Whitworth’s vision is:”To be the customer’s first choice for enjoyment as the UK’s leading leisure company.

“But this is basically just to secure customer loyalty therefore increasing profit, thus improving return on capital employed for shareholders attracting more investors. Whitbread believes it provides a clear and accurate goal helping employees gain the sense of purpose and ambition that is needed to be efficient and successful.Voice of change has a education and vocational scheme to help the street kids cope with re-entering the general society and any money received gets ploughed into that and the building of more houses.That is one of the main differences in the two companies, people invest in Whitbread, people donate to Voice of Change.

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