WHO registered refugees. Of these, somewhat over a

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WHO holistically aims at improving ‘equity’ in health, reducing health risks, promoting healthy lifestyles andsettings through taking ‘integrated gender- and age-sensitive approaches’? It has indicators focusing on theSustainability of financing of health promotion interventions in countries. Palestine is of course, a country suchpriority.Since 1948, UN estimates about 3.7 million of registered refugees. Of these, somewhat over a million live in campsrun by the UNRWA (United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees).

Recurrent war constitutes areal monumental humanitarian problem, and no resolution of the conflict can ignore them. The war with Israel hasaggravated this. The refugee problem has been at the heart of peace negotiations ever since 1949. Palestinian campsand gatherings are suffering from multi-source and complicated health problems resulting first from deterioratingliving conditions, high poverty and unhealthy housing environment and poor sanitation in camps. Statistically,significant relationship is notably seen between some respiratory conditions along with diarrheal cases and poorhealth and sanitary conditions.

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Overcrowding and high population density makes it more deplorable. The lack ofelectricity has a grave impact on the supply of safe drinking water and on the treatment and management of sewage.The general health situation of the Palestinian refugees is facing various problems relating to situations relating toprimary health care, especially of children and mothers; Optimistically, it is reported that WHO is currentlyprocuring over US$1 million of medical equipment and over US $1.2 million of drugs and disposables, with aspecific focus on drugs used in emergency departments, intensive care units and operational theatres.Country cooperation strategy for WHO and the Occupied Palestinian Territory 2017–2020 are WHO’s medium-termstrategic vision to guide its work in support of a country’s national health policies, strategies and plans and tosupport a country’s development efforts within the Sustainable Development Agenda. They are the basis for theformulation of WHO’s biennial country work plans with the Ministry of Health, and functions as a tool forharmonizing cooperation with partner United Nations (UN) organizations.

WHO is disseminating emergency life-saving drugs to Gaza’s hospitals worth over $1.2 million USD and $362,000 USD was released from WHO’sheadquarters to respond to urgent health needs. WHO has projected $5 million as part of the Humanitarian ResponsePlan (HRP) for 2018. WHO releases monthly updates on the access to healthcare for patients. WHO has alreadymobilized its plans for them with the Norway funded emergency health supplies in collaboration with the SwissDevelopment Cooperation.However, in order to face challenges with regard to the health and sanitation, The Delegate of Palestine, in suchcircumstance, recommends considering the following proposals by the UN:a. In confronting these problems and alleviating their negative impacts on different levels, discussions oughtto be on-going with regard to the general environment in camps, in all its aspects and particularly, healthand sanitation as a central issue that should be of interest to the WHO’s various initiatives required to facethe health challenges pressuring the lives of Palestinian refugees.b.

WHO has requested $5 million as part of the Humanitarian Response Plan (HRP) for 2018, which includeshumanitarian support to address non-communicable diseases, in addition to installation of solar panels, andpre-positioning and disseminating lifesaving medical supplies. But to date, no funding for WHO’s HRPrequest has been received. Therefore, this fund should be created with utmost priorities.

c. Budget deficits negatively affects the quality and quantity of the services offered to the refugees. So, WHOas an agency should be provided with adequate resource allocations for working in Palestinian refugeecamps.d. We should gives priority over the nutrition issues and the provision of material living conditions, such aswater, shelter, sanitary infrastructure as well as enhancing the quality and efficiency of such services whichaltogether constitute the interlaced and required interventions in the aspired health and social policies. e. A radical solution for the housing problem is needed to avert further negative health impacts.f.

Despite the services offered by UNRWA, additional health care costs may be mitigated and minimized bythe Red Crescent and other health care institutions;g. We believe that apart from WHO’s initiatives, the health protection systems should be promoted andrepresented by the public health service providers;h. We have to build local capacity in the camps to conduct lifesaving surgeries and treatment, in order toreduce the need for referrals outside.i. Emergency preparedness needs to be strengthened with preposition drugs, disposables and medicalequipment as well as enhance coordination and health information amongst key emergency players withinGaza and with West Bank counterparts.The delegate of Palestine believes that Proper Health and Sanitation mechanism in Refugee Camps would be strongenough if these proposals mentioned above are taken into account.

As we people of Palestine believes thathumanitarian crisis would be positively improved if the Proper Health and Sanitation conditions is positivelyassured.References:? http://www.bbc.com/news/world-middle- east-11104284? http://www.who.int/hac/crises/international/wbgs/en/? http://www.mideastweb.org/refugees1.htm? https://www.anera.org/priorities/health-education/? http://www.sciencediplomacy.org/perspective/2013/health-challenges- in-palestine? http://www.who.int/emergencies/response-plans/2018/occupied- palestinian-territory/en/? http://www.emro.who.int/pse/palestine-infocus/situation- reports.html? http://www.lpdc.gov.lb/health-care/health- care-of- the-palestinian- refugee/34/en

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