Who religion, and I still haven’t decided which

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Last updated: May 21, 2019

Who am I? I am a ‘young adult’ inthe 21st century. I am loud; have never known failure or loss andbrood easily. I am also compassionate, patriotic and biddable. I am an athlete,artist, bathroom dancer and self-proclaimed comedian. I have big dreams and theambition to make them reality. But there is a lot I do not know about myself. Idon’t know how I feel about the British Crown, I have mixed feelings aboutreligion, and I still haven’t decided which colour the famousblue-black/while-gold dress is. I haven’t had a ‘life-changing moment’ yet andit is hard for me to describe my life’s journey, for my identity unfolds moreeveryday as my experiences grow.

I am only 18 years old and I have a long wayahead of me. But let me give you an insight into the story this far.I ran my first race at the age of four. I fell down within50 metres, but even as a four year old, my first instinct was to get up andcross that finish line before anyone else. I collected my award with a racingheart and the satisfaction of winning was priceless.

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117 medals, two nationaljackets and fourteen years later, athletics has become an irreplaceable part ofme and it always seems to light that spark in me. Whether it is my schoolground or a stadium track, the immense pleasure I feel when I cross that finishline is a feeling I would trade nothing for. The pain, hardships and injuries Ihad to overcome to reach where I am, has only made the journey sweeter. Therush of emotions and adrenaline, the passion and the urge to push myself hasseen me through the dullest of days.

Caught between two cultures growing up, I am fortunate toexperience my diverse heritage. Coming from a bloodline of people who havecrossed borders to reach where they are, Sunday brunches at my grandparent’shouse were incomplete without stories about culture, language and theirstruggles getting here. The traditions and stories retold at these bruncheshave shaped my values for life. They instilled in me a sense of commitment andtaught me that there is no substitute for hard work. Their malleablepersonalities inspire me and have helped me become the go getter I am, someonewho stands up for is right and someone who doesn’t give up. What I love to do and what I want do, helps me uncover moreabout myself.

Ever since I read my first Judy Moody book at the age of 9, I washooked. The library became my favourite place and English classes always seemedto cheer me up. Evaluating my writing helps me at times discover bottled upfeelings. In opinionated essays, my values show. In stories, my creativity isdivulged.  Each time I write as honestlyas I can, another piece of the puzzle is solved. I hope to continue writing,even if it is just for me.

I haven’t really experienced the journey of life,I’ve merely begun it and I cannot wait to see what that journey has to offer.

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