Who was already studying minerals, physics, and chemistry.

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    Who was Julius Robert Oppenheimer? Julius Robert Oppenheimer was a studious man, he was a lead inventor of the atomic bomb, and he headed the Los Alamos and he was a very controversial man. In Julius Robert Oppenheimer’s early years he was very studious in school and at home.

 Julius Robert Oppenheimer was born on April 22, 1904, that’s 4 years away from 1900! Julius Robert Oppenheimer was born into a very privileged family. Julius Robert Oppenheimer’s Family was part of the Ethical Culture Society. The Ethical Culture Society is an outgrowth of American Reform Judaism founded and led by Dr. Felix Adler. Julius Robert Oppenheimer when to the Ethical Culture School, that was opened by the same guy that led the society that his family was a part of, Dr. Felix. He enrolled in the school on a September day, 1911. By age 10 Julius Robert Oppenheimer was already studying minerals, physics, and chemistry.

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Julius Robert Oppenheimer excelled so much in those subjects that the New York Mineralogical Club ask him to give a lecture at the time they had no idea that he was only a twelve-year-old boy. Julius Robert Oppenheimer interest and skills in school followed him throughout high school and college. In high school, Julius Robert Oppenheimer was at the top of his class. Julius Robert Oppenheimer graduated as valedictorian in 1921. Shortly after high school Julius Robert Oppenheimer went on a family vacation.

On Julius Robert Oppenheimer’s family vacation he became deathly ill. Julius Robert Oppenheimer was ill with a case of dysentery. At the time he was accepted at Harvard College but due to the illness, he had to postpone his enrollment. Due to his illness, he had to be in bed for months and his parents were worried about his health. So to help Julius Robert Oppenheimer recover they sent him to a dude ranch that was located 25 miles northeast of Santa Fe. He spent the summer of 1922 at that ranch and with a high school teacher, Herbert Smith, as a companion and as a mentor

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