Why close and connect with their patients to

Why did you choose the
career for which you are preparing for? Nursing is the career that I am
preparing for; why? Because nurses are the men and women, who dress in scrubs every
day to care for others. Nurses are the men and women who sometimes lack sleep
and miss out on family get-togethers to serve their community. Nurses are the
men and women who protect others from sickness and other health issues. Nurses
are the men and women who remain calm in hectic situations to provide the care
that others may need. Nurses are the men and women who are there to give moral support
to others twenty-four seven. The reason nursing is a career that I choose is
that they are respected because of their occupation, they have the knowledge to
save lives, and they have flexible jobs and locations.

A lot of people respect
nurses for their occupation because they are trustworthy. They are required to
have communication with their patients. Also, nurses spend a lot of time with
patients due to their work schedule; nurses work up to twelve-hour shifts. Therefore,
they tend to become close and connect with their patients to earn trust. The
nurses also show kindness to their patients and treat their patients with
respect. Just making sure that the patients are well taken care of is an
example of displaying respect and earning trust. These are only a few reason
why nurses are respected for their occupation.

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 Nurses have the knowledge to save lives. They
do not have to be in the workplace to save a person’s life. The reason they
have the knowledge to save lives is that they have different levels of nursing
fields. For example, you have an associate’s degree nurses, bachelor’s degree
nurses, master’s degree nurses, and also Ph.D. nurses. The levels of the
nursing field all have different skills and status of experience such as
communication, flexibility, and the ability to adapt.  They also have different areas of specialties
in their field. Nurses are the men and women who can use their knowledge to
determine what symptom a person and is having, for example, a heart attack.
They can perform CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation) and save that person’s
life. This career requires a person to have the skills to respond to situations

The career in nursing has
flexible jobs and locations to work within its occupation. Nurses have a choice
to work twelve hours shifts, or they could choose between working days or
overnight. Some nurses can also choose to work up to eight hours a day. Most
nurses choose to work either three twelve hour shifts or five eight hours
shifts. Travel nursing is a big occupation today for nursing. Travel nurses
choose where they want to work, choose how many hours they want to work, and
also they gain more experience. The capability to have flexibility and travel
in your career is another reason I chose nursing as a career to pursue.

Nurses are a big part of
the healthcare field; nurses are the men and women who help patients understand
their health conditions. Nurses are the men and women who give back to their
community every day when they save lives. Nurses are the men and women who are
on their feet up to twelve hours a day. Nurses are the men and women who aid
others every day to make sure that the patients are well mentally, physically,
and emotionally. These are just some of the reasons that I chose this career to
prepare myself for; I would love to be able to give, care, and save lives on a
day to day basis. 


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