WHY transport, in traffic jams, in lines, etc.

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 WHY WE WORRY AND WHAT TO DO ABOUT IT Stress, worry and anxiety have always been and remainan integral part of a person’s life. We have probably haven’t met someone who would nothave been stressed. Psychic pressure surrounds useverywhere: at work, in shops, in movies, in public transport, in traffic jams,in lines, etc. Even at home, where there are extremely close and dearpeople to us, we are daily exposed to the influence of stressful situations ofvarious kinds.

The question of getting rid of worries and unrest is veryrelevant, and it is impossible not to agree.We always try to please other people, we decide to do things accordingto the others point of view. And nowadays the trust issues are there; 10-12years ago people used to trust each other’s and never betrayed each other. But nowthe situations are different, which keep us worried all the time.

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Here are the things that can help to worry less about thesituations-1-   Don’t worry about the pastThe first andmost important thing that people should know about worrying is that for thedisplacement of anxiety from your life try to distinguish between the past andthe future. It is necessary to live in the present, not regretting the pastand not worrying about the future. Otherwise, past experience and thoughtsabout hope will give rise to stress and anxiety.2-   Set limitsIn order to gaincontrol over your worries, you need to install their “limiter”, whichwill regulate your anxiety level. To establish a “limiter” meanssimply defining for yourself the degree of anxiety that an event in your lifedeserves.

 Set a limit for which you cannot go out in any way, and do notlet your anxiety overcome it.3-  Keep yourself engagedOne of the mainreasons for anxiety and worries is the lack of employment. If a persondoes nothing and his mind is not occupied, the consciousness itself can beginto generate restless thoughts that cause anxious states. If you want toget rid of worries, engage yourself with some kind of activity. Intensivework and employment are the best medicines that can drive out the”demons” of stress and anxiety from the human mind. 4-  Meet other peopleAnxiety overcomes a person when heis unduly concentrated on himself.

 To neutralize stress and worries, youneed to forget about yourself and show more interest in surroundingpeople. You can do some kind good deed every day, even towards astranger. It seems unusual and complex, but the result will justify itselfwith interest.5-  Love yourselfStop worryingabout others, do what you love to do. And never think what others will think ofyou if you do something. Don’t try to be like others, you can be better thanthem.


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