Why were the major cities of Britain bombed by the Germans in 1940-41

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The major cities of Britain were bombed because of several different reasons some of them more obvious than others but each reason would have been reason enough to commence the ‘blitz’.

One of the reasons is that the ‘Battle of Britain’ failed. After France surrendered to Germany on June 22nd 1940, Hitler had enough vantage points to attack Britain. He also bombed the main cities because they were the most populated and this would have the biggest effect.

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The original plan, which was to actually invade Eastern Europe had been put a side because the pressure on Hitler was to great he wanted to invade eastern Europe without any threat from western Europe so he wanted Churchill to come to the conference table but Churchill did not want to do that and therefore Hitler felt he was forced to invade the whole of Britain. One of the main reasons in my point of view is to destroy people’s moral and take out the cities, which were making weapons and tanks for the army because this would end up in Britain feeling depressed.Germany would also try to come to terms with Britain after they have completely destroyed Britain’s moral and hopefully a lot of cities, which had the weapons in so they didn’t have a defence to fight back with.

Destroying the cities with weapons and tanks would make the army weaker and would also bring the peoples moral down even more because they would start to think they had no chance in stopping the Germans from invading Britain.In more detail to why they would want to destroy the major cities of Britain are to, destroy the RAF this was because it was Britain’s only defence and destroying them would leave Britain with no barrier to defend themselves with. Hitler realised the attack had failed, this attack was called “the blitz” and was supposed to surprise Britain and force them to negotiate with Germany, but unfortunately for Hitler his plan failed because the letters of the plan were intercepted and Britain were able to get prepared.Another reason for Hitler not succeeding is that Britain never gave up, also the bombs the Luftwaffe were dropping weren’t hitting the places where they needed them to hit, for example factories, transport, and the cities with the army holding the weapons and tanks were not being hit and didn’t make much difference to anything in Britain although the moral did go down slightly.By the morning of 8th September 430 people had been killed and a further 1600 had been wounded. In conclusion my opinion on Hitler’s main reason for him bombing Britain’s main cities is because, he thought that he had to, in order to take over Britain he had to bomb the main cities to weaken Britain’s forces and also destroy there moral.

By doing this he thought that he would have a good chance of finally conquering Britain!

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