Will the withdraw of UK Air and the transfer of BA flights from Heathrow to Gatwick affect the development of Inverness airport

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A burgh and administrative centre of the unitary authority of the Highland Council, in northern Scotland on the River Ness and the Caledonian Canal, near its mouth on an arm of the Moray Firth. The “Capital of the Highlands” is the road, rail, and air hub of northern Scotland so this affects air travel and Inverness airport. It is also the principal retail and business centre for this region. Manufactured goods include timber products, processed foods, electrical equipment, and woollens. Its port mainly handles bulk shipments of petroleum products, grain, timber, and coal.Inverness is an important tourist destination both in itself and as a base for visitors touring the north of Scotland. Among local landmarks are a castle built on the site of a 12th-century fortification and the nearby Craig Phadrig, the remains of a fort dating from about the 4th century. This strategically located site was the Pictish capital in the 6th century.

It was here in about 565 that St Columba converted the Pictish king Brude to Christianity. By the 12th century Inverness was a thriving trading community and had a royal castle. The castle was blown up by the Jacobites in 1746.

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Culloden, on the outskirts of Inverness, was the site of the last major battle on British soil (see Battle of Culloden). Before 1975 Inverness was the county town of the former county of Inverness-shire. Population (1993 estimate) 63,850. 1 Affects of the BA flight withdrawing Market Research Market research involves the use of surveys, tests, and statistical studies to analyse consumer trends and to forecast the size and location of markets for specific products or services. Types of Market Research Desk research Field research Quantitative qualitative quantitative qualitative Retail audits expert option usage and attitude Group discussionMarket intelligence (Delphi studies; depth interviews Reports technique) product testing Primary Research is first hand evidence and is usually more expensive than secondary though it is usually more likely to meet the precise needs of the organisation.

It is gathered by field research. Its major disadvantages are the expense and the fact that you have to actually go and get it. Secondary Research is when you use data that already exists this is cheaper and is gathered by desk research Its major disadvantages are that it may be out of date or in the wrong format and could also be available to competitors.For our course work we have used both primary and secondary research. The primary research that was carried out was done using a written questionnaire which was formed by the whole class producing one of their own then putting the lot together to pick out the best questions. Then certain pupils were issued with an ample supply of questionnaires and were asked to fill them out in these areas Inverness and Aberdeen airports actually in the surrounding relevant towns and cities.Some were even asked to go to travel agents in Inverness and Aberdeen. We also wrote a letter to the airport itself asking for information about what type of company (e.

g. plc), details of current terminal development, flights available from Inverness, a copy of the annual report and accounts, details of passenger turn over. We have not done much desk research but we have looked up many web sites about the topic of which there is some valuable information inside. AnalysisThis graph show’s the general trend in which why people have changed from Inverness airport to Aberdeen the three categories include prices and convenience.

The reasons for them changing I think are all related to the withdrawal of the BA flight because the two main factors in this graph are the Price and the covariance of the flights so if there less flights then there will be less convenience we can see this from graph 2. And the price would increase because of less competition so they can push up the prices.

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