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Last updated: December 14, 2019
When was Shakespeare born?
April 23, 1564.

When did Shakespeare die?
April 23, 1616.

Who did Shakespeare marry, and how old was she?
Anne Hathaway, who was 26 when Shakespeare was 18.

Why did they marry?
Because Anne was pregnant.

What were his children’s names?
Susanna, Hamnet, and Judith.

Which child died at a young age?

Are there any direct descendants of Shakespeare?

What does Renaissance mean?

What did the Renaissance bring?
Changes in art, social structure, economics, politics, religion, science, and literature.

What was the age before the Renaissance?
The middle ages.

What is the Black Plague’s nickname?
Bubonic plague.

How many people did it kill?

What did the Black Plague lead to?
Poverty, crime, theaters being shut down.

What kinds of plays did Shakespeare write?
Comedies, tragedies, histories.

Describe his comedies.

Had a happy ending, funny, usually ended in a wedding.

Describe his tragedies.
Ended in death, chaos, main character has fatal flaw, main character dies.

Describe his histories.
Told about various English monarchs.

What was the Globe Theater?
Theater that was round or octagonal in shape, with all plays taking place during the day due to lack of electricity.

How was Shakespeare’s relationship with royalty?

Queen Elizabeth loved the theater, came to about 32 plays. King James also enjoyed theater.

How many sonnets did Shakespeare write?

How were his poems written?
They were written in iambic pentameter.

Who was on the throne when Shakespeare began his writing career?
Queen Elizabeth.

What year, season, and town was Shakespeare born in?
Spring 1564, Stratford-upon-Avon, England.

Why is it a miracle that Shakespeare even lived to write his works>
Born during plague.

What do we know about Shakespeare’s parents?
Father-Glover, farmer. Mother-Born on farm.

What types of literature did Shakespeare write?
Poems, Sonnets, Plays.

How many plays did Shakespeare write?

During the plague in the 1590’s, how many people died a week?

Throughout his plays, what topic does Shakespeare seem fascinated with?

What is the most terrible event of Shakespeare’s married life?
The death of his son, Hamnet.

What do we know about plays performed at the Globe Theater?
Simple, less props to focus on language.

What did Shakespeare call himself?
A poet.

What did George Bernard Shaw accuse Shakespeare of doing?
Stealing other people’s plays.

Shakespeare’s plays are rich in what?

In his middle years, Shakespeare’s plays concerned the relationship between what?
Father and daughter.

What year did Shakespeare retire and why?
1613, fire of Globe Theater.

How old was Shakespeare when he died?

Who completed his plays after his death?
Ben Johnson.

What themes do Shakespeare’s plays cover?
Love, hate, death, sorrow.

Why do his plays continue to entertain?
His words affect people immensely.

What did he leave to his wife upon his death?
The 2nd best bed.

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