Windows= Line Interference= requires a user to type

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Last updated: September 26, 2019

Windows= Windowsis widely used operating systems.

Windows is developed by Microsoft. Over the year’sdifferent versions over the years such as Windows NT, Windows 95, 98, XP,Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10. The latest versions of Windows givethe user a better experience in their operating system. Windows provides agraphical user interface (GUI), virtual memory management, multitasking andsupport for many peripheral devices. In addition to Windows OS for personalcomputers, Microsoft also offers operating systems for servers and personalmobile devices. All this acting as an operating system.

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MAC= Mac operating systems weredesigned by Apple cooperating for using on their own personal computers andoverall database. The original design of the Mac OS was to make a graphical user-friendlyexperience for people. Allowing control of the system through keyboard andmouse. Both input devices. Graphic designers like Mac OS as it offers a morerich and intense graphics interface which they look for.Linux=, Unlike Windows, Linux OS hasbeen developed by multiple stakeholders over time.

Linux was originallydesigned as an operating system for servers. Linux is actually one of thelargest open source projects around which means it can be modified byusers/developers. Linux is considered to be a more stable and reliableoperating system than Windows as it feels the person’s needs and shows a betterperformance than Windows it seems.Command Line Interference= requiresa user to type commands or press special keys on the keyboard to enter data andinstructions that instruct the operating system. It has to be typed one line ata time.

Example: rename a filenameGUI= makes use of the computer’sgraphics capabilities to make the operating system and programs easier to use,which is also called ‘ user-friendly’. Interact with visual images such asbuttons, icons and other graphical objects to issue commands.Menu Driven interference=enables the user to avoid memorizing keywords such as copy, paste, and syntax.

On screen, the menu-driven interface provides menus as means of entering commands.ü It shows all the options available at a given point in a form of a text-basedmenu.Machine and Peripheral Management= Allhardware plugged into a computer communicates with the operating system toprepare the hardware for use and control by the end user.  For example,when plugging in a USB stick to a computer, the operating system will detect adevice has been connected, check it has the correct software and driversrequired to run and operate the device and prompt the end user to take variousactions.

Security= Operatingsystems allow users to open and close files which they’ve been given access to.If multiple users exist on the machine, the operating system knows not toenable file access for all users, unless they’ve been specifically assignedaccess. Modern operating systems such as Windows 10 and Mac OS alsoautomatically update themselves with security updates in the background so thatany loopholes or vulnerabilities are patches quickly, reducing the risk ofsecurity breaches by hackers.File Management= Operatingsystems enable users to create, edit and remove files and folders easily. Filescan also be copied and pasted or cut into folders, shared with other users etc.Solid State Drives (hard drives with no moving parts) also enable the operatingsystem to rapidly search for and retrieve files stored on disk.Device Drivers= Operatingsystems manage the devices drivers used to manage internal machinedevices such as RAM and ROM and also peripheral devices such as a mouse.

Thinkof a device driver as a list of instructions that tell the computer system howto talk to the external device like a mouse. It’s like a language that theoperating system uses to manage the device to ensure it works correctly.

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