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Last updated: July 23, 2019

”Wish You Were Here”, a song by Pink Floyd (1975) brought greater attention to the band either from a musical or lyrical point of view.

The song produces a hidden and deep meaning in each verse which creates a confused and curious mood to the listeners.” Wish You Were Here” generated an endless path of different opinions on why the band fabricated the song in the first place and the meaning behind the song. Syd Barret, the lead singer, guitarist, and principal songwriter in Pink Floyd’s early years and is credited with naming the band was excluded later on from the band in 1968 because of mental illness due to addiction to a type of drug. The former lead singer is considered the main reason for Pink Floyd’s Wish you were here’s existence due to the song roaming over the terms absence and choices. First verse of the song starts with some kind of rhetorical questions which contain juxtaposition or when two or more words are usually contrasting such as heaven and hell mentioned in the song. The part ends with the question, ”Do you think you can tell”, which indicates if you as a listener can differentiate between the positive and negative aspects mentioned in that first part. ”Did they get you to trade your heroes for ghosts”, the beginning of part two which continues the juxtaposition settled from the start which delivers a strong and effective meaning to the listeners.

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Hot air, cold breeze,  ashes, trees, cold comfort, change, and exchanging a walk-on part in war for a lead role in a cage are the contrasting terms used in the second part which specifies the choices offered for the audience, however; Most options are delivered to one specific listener who is eventually the drug-addict and former lead singer of the band Barret who took most of the wrong choices stated in the song; hoping he would’ve taken the other choices from his past band member’s point of view. The closing part of the song indicates how much Pink Floyd misses their former lead singer and guitarist and wishes if he was still there by their side creating phenomenal songs as they used to do. Wish You Were Here, a touching song that conveyed a strong and powerful meaning to the listeners will always be a top track due to its lyrics, music, and message.

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