With difficult to pinpoint what normal sexual behavior is

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Last updated: December 13, 2019

With thedigital age in full swing, people all around the world, from different walks oflife, have access to information in seconds. With such advantages from thingslike new social media, the way we consume information has been incrediblystreamlined. Snapchat is one of the subjects that comes to mind when thinking ofsexual practices. With Snapchat, users can send photos and videos (up to 60seconds) of whatever they desire, and once they’re opened, they can’t be seenagain, and screenshots alert the sender.

This makes it incredibly easy forusers to send potentially sexual images, of themselves, and of others. This mayspice up someone’s sex life, but it can be potentially harmful. Users who trustthe recipient can have their trust violated, with just a screenshot. This alsomakes minors, which the app is targeted to as well, susceptible to sexualharassment.

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This influx of “sexting” in our culture has legal impacts notobviously addressed on the application itself. In fact, studies depict rangesfrom 4 to 25 percent of minors that have “sexted” or “sent nudes” or simplysexual images before, which does technically count itself as child pornography1.Another social media platform that has affected sexual behaviors in ourculture today is Instagram. This social media platform lets users post, view,directly message, and comment on images posted by their users.  While these interactions can be positive,they can also lead to sexual objectification and sexual harassment left bycommenters on these images, especially since these images appear instantly andusers can comment on them instantly as well.These advances in social media ultimately influence social desirabilityin individuals.

The instant gratification we get from using social media alsohas an equal and opposite, negative effect if an image does not receive enough”likes”, comments, or views.  2)         It’s difficult to pinpoint what normalsexual behavior is because it varies across cultures. Some cultures are veryconservative and adhere to strict rules to comply with their beliefs. Religionis often a reason why some cultures disapprove of sexual relationships.Religions such as traditional Islam have depicted sex as a concept performedbetween a man and his wife, in their marital bed for procreation. This makesconcepts like pre-marital sex, homosexuality, interracial and other sexuality conceptsimmoral in their beliefs.             Sexuality is also hard to define inmore modernized cultures.

Cultures such as America, have more generallyaccepted views on sexuality. There are such limits to these behaviors as well.Concepts like polygamy are also difficult to discuss with people identifying asAmerican. Many people believe that it is an unjust practice, and often timesdiscourage others form discussing, let alone performing such acts within theirown relationships. Mormonism practices polygamy in many circumstances.

In thestate of Utah, many citizens practices Mormonism reside and have shaped theircommunities around their practices. This leads to their children growing up inthis environment, and usually continuing the practice. It’s also difficult todiscuss sexuality in             In many Middle-Eastern cultures, itis expected that women cover themselves to preserve their modesty.Historically, this has not been the case in many areas, such as Iran, wherewomen were allowed to wear jeans and short-sleeves in the 1970’s, but whenreforms took place through with highly religious forces at the helm, it becamecustomary for women to cover themselves with the hijab, burqa, and more. Theyalso placed restrictions on what was acceptable for women to say and do,leaving sex and sexuality out of the conversation, as well as feminine health.             With two vastly different culturesas examples, there leaves a spectrum of acceptance levels across the world. It’snearly impossible to confirm “normal” sexuality behaviors.


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