With handheld devices becoming more and more ubiquitous

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Last updated: August 12, 2019

With handhelddevices becoming more and more ubiquitous each day and networking having itsroots so deeply embedded in our lives, the world around us is becoming more andmore cyber and technologically advanced with each passing day and it’s hard toavoid the threats it entails. Cyber attackers range from sophisticatedhackers to naive teenagers using cyber vulnerabilities to their advantage.

Onesuch threat reported as of May 2017, when the world witnessed one of the worstcyber outcries, Wanna Cry Ransomware, a malicious malware that affectedthousands of companies in over 150 countries. Britain’s Nation Health Servicewas worst hit by the attack and it also brought many of Spain’s top companiesto a halt. This malicious malware first targeted computers functioning on obsoleteversions of Microsoft Operating System and then infected other systems on thenetwork. The attack lasted 4 days bringing about an extensive damage of hundredbillion dollars.  Numerous businessesand institutions now function solely on technology and share sensitive data andeffectuate transactions over networking.

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This advancement makes cyber security indispensableand calls for a robust and standardized solution to remedy technologicalvulnerabilities that can compromise one’s identity and privacy and at timescost livelihood. Enlisted are some of the most effective measures to protectyour computer and keep your data intact:·     Strong Passwords: Implementing complex and various alpha-numericcombinations for a password can prevent an attack or an unwanted encroachmentof your devices to an extent.·     Data back-up: Performing regular back-up for your data is a key feature of datasecurity. In case our security systems get compromised causing loss of data, westill have access to our data. ·     Implementing control access and updating systems and installingIntrusion Detectors: Restrictingdata and service access to limited authorized personal and controlling physicalapproach to the premise can help keep threats at bay.  Also keeping critical data offline and itslimited sharing is crucial. Timely updating our security systems can help usstay one step ahead of the attackers. Intrusion Detectors helps monitor networktraffic and alerts and issues warning on detecting any suspicious activity.

·     Installing Firewalls, Antivirus programs:  Firewall filtersthe incoming and outgoing data on a network and block malicious content frominfecting your systems. Also prevents navigating insecure websites and potentiallythreatening content from being downloaded to your computers. Antivirusprograms, on the other hand monitors your systems for any unusual behavior, tracesand destructs any dangerous software or viruses. ·     Data Encryption: Encryption adds an extra wall of security to sensitiveinformation stored on a system or a network. It employs a systematic algorithmto encrypt data to a code formally called ciphertextwhich can only be read if one has the permitted key or password to accessthat data , restricting data interpretation and manipulation.

 ·      Cyber-crime Insurance: Small or large scale business projects shall issue a cyber-crime insurance that can cover for their losses in case of a cyber attack.

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