With not to understand that serious injury can

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Last updated: June 3, 2019

With today’s typical sporting events suchas Football, Baseball, and Hockey, many fansenjoy their team being atough opponent and giving them a challenging time to be victorious inthe end.  However, many fans still don’t understand thespectrum of injuries that happen toplayers daily, which is adangerous thing to happen in the sports world. One of the lesser-known  sports is ice hockey, which is risky in itsown way. Besides football, hockey is a highly hands-on and impact sport in thatplayers can be hit, struck with sticks or pucks, and in some cases, can engagein a fight with another player, or the whole team can be involved, which canmake things truly hectic. In the professional sport of hockey or NHL (NationalHockey League) many of the official rule makers for the league have seemed notto understand that serious injury can occur. An example I go by is on January15, 1968 a man by the Name of Bill Masterton took a hit from an Oakland Seals defenseman.He hit is head off the ice with no protection and is the only player in NHLhistory to die from on ice injury (1).

As a result, the NHL commission made ita mandatory rule that all players wear helmets. With this groundbreaking changeto the rules, it saves hockey players every game by giving them more protectionin a very important area, but some places are still very valuable. I will givemore research into alternative and other ways to protect a player. Players,coaches, league managers, and medical staff needs to look more in depth withthe matter. Looking into the matter on a more personal level, safety must be akey ingredient into the chemistry of the sport, and by doing this, league officials,rule makers and medical personnel need to invest in time to find safer and morereliable solutions with increasing the standards of equipment, changing andaltering rules to prevent certain actions from being an injurious issue, and byfinding ways to deescalate aggressive behavior in players who could drive themto cause injury to one’s self or to others. Because by changing these aspectsof safety of this sport, it will also secure a better playing future for thechildren looking up to the role model examples set by the professionals,wanting to make this into a future endeavored.

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