With the scholars are discussing about the use of

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Last updated: September 29, 2019

Withthe increased use of information technology the influence amongst the companieshas also increased and the new and innovative technologies are beingimplemented in the firms. The other factor that is known very much influentialis the globalization which also has changed the whole industrial concepts.

Theperformances of the individuals working in the various departments of thecompany are now enhanced due to the application of the information technology.The functionality of the overall firms has changed and the credit goes toinformation technology. The information technology has become a major player inthe company’s operations and all those functions which had been done usingmanual labour are not being performed using information technology.

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Informationtechnology has been used to coordinate the different factors and elements ofthe organizations so that a better overall performance can be achieved. Forthis purpose, modern technology and techniques are being used.  The useof information technology in the HR department has also brought some changes aninnovation in the way operations and tasks were done in that department. Thishas also been reviewed and experienced that the firms are now applying moreinformation based systems in the companies and are trying to achieve betterperformances. This is all based on the aims of the firms which are to achievebetter productivity and profitability. The analysts and the scholars arediscussing about the use of information technology and its implementation onthe firm’s department. The authors have also discussed how the HR department isusing information technology tools to achieve better performances in theoperations and its strategies. This has been discussed that the firms which areapplying the information technology are better in their results and aregenerating more profitability.

The functions of Human Resource management ofthe firm have been organized using information technology tools and they havegained perfection in those functions as well. Therefore, the informationtechnology has been one of the major tools to be implemented in the firm forthe better functionality of the firm and better growth.  Thetraditional methods and techniques of running the business and approachestowards the performances of the various functions were different from theapproaches adopted in the modern world.

There has been a huge transformation inthe industrial world and the preferences and the priorities of the firms havechanged. The main cause of the reformation in the industrial world is the useof information technology and the globalization. Various studies and theorieshave talked about the use of information technology and the impact of IT on theperformances of the company and its operations.

The programs which are adoptedusing information technology are more effective than ever before and the mainimpact has been seen on the overall outcome of the firm. The use of informationtechnology on the functionality of human resource management department is alsovery effective and the performances have changed. Majority of the functions ofthe human resource management department have changed due to the implementationof the information technology. The recruitment processes and the selection ofthe employees have been made more IT based functions in the modernorganizations. There are varieties of the functions which a HR departmentperforms and those are mainly known as the employees’ recruitment, selectionprocess, their training and the career development. All those functions are nowmainly performed using information technology equipments and the applicationforms are also processed online (Robert et al., 2008).

The informationtechnology has a great impact on the performances of the HR department and itsfunctions. The information from various departments is being stored and used tomake sure the decisions made by HR department are made based on thisinformation. The efforts of the various functions and operations have reducedusing information technology (Ensher as well as others, 2002).


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