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Last updated: December 11, 2019
Colonial Women
-New England women gave up their property rights when they married-Popular attitude was that women were morally weaker. -Midwifery-female monopoly-In New World they had more rights than in England-Husbands are refrained by law-Women held onto high standards-Salem Witch Trials, women persecuted due to superstitions -Women worked, cooked, cleaned and cared for children-Only men allowed to vote-Colleges only for men-Very few women-Wed by early twenties -Have a lot of babies-At first helped out on farms, but slavery allowed them to return to the household -Wives were subservient to husbandsWomen morally weaker because of Bible-She was property of her Husband -Anne Hutchinson -Questioned ministers and authority of the clergy and predestination-Thought she was capable of having a connection to God without clergy-Philis Wheatly -Black woman poet -First published african poet -Former Slave-Women were aware of notion of natural rights-Aware that they were part of struggle for equality-Was a sense that women were not separate from notion of natural equality

Antebellum (before the war) Women
-Women starting to work in factories After Industrial Revoltuion-Start of Womens Right MOvements-Lucretia Mott-Susan B Antony-Senca Falls 1848-Declaration of Sentiments -More women were admitted to colleges-Some were temperance crusaders and abolitionst -Elizabeth Blackwell-First female graduate of medical school-Still considered inferior to men-Cult of Domesticity -Idea of the woman civilizing the home-Paradox-Women were either temptresses or they were pure-The cult was about the home being a model of female purity, world outside the home was a jungle and impure -Disconnect with the cult-Cult was the culture of Antebellum period -Female suffrage movement-Thought they could civilize society if they got the vote

Gilded Age Women
-At the beginning, they were homebodies-Hall House-Settlement house movement-Jane Adams-Middle class and educated women ran these-Women’s Christian Temperance movement-Prohibition-Women fronted to be innocent yet not really-“Age of Innocence”-Gibson Girl -Could ride a bike, play tennis, golf -Represented educated women that were active

Progressive Era Women
-Eleanor Roosevelt -Active role in reforming society -General Federation of Women’s clubsHousehold economic groups-Birth Control Movement-Margaret Sanger -Idea of women controlling their reproductive choice-Women got the voteWhy did 19th amendment pass? -Mainstream middle class women supported suffrage -Woodrow Wilson impressed by their work during WWI-Temperance Movement

WWI and WWII Women
-WWI women working in factories-WWII women working men’s jobs on a larger scale since so many men were at war-

Post WWII Women
-Women put back in the kitchen after war–Betty Friedan: Wrote the feminine Mystique -Some women continued to work-Birth Control-Equal work for equal pay-National Organization for women-Gloria Stienam -Pushed for Equal Rights Amendment -Didn’t get it

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