Work Business, System LSI Business, and Foundry Business

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Last updated: March 28, 2019

Work Specialization  Definition:Work specialization allows a leader to take diverse responsibilities and break them down into smaller specific tasks that individual employees can be understood.

However, each employee is trained explicitly on how to in a perfect way, detailed task. With the passage of time, an employee becomes an expert, skillful, and effective at performing that one precise work as well. This allows every employee in the organization to be skilled to some degree. Samsung:In Samsung, the secret to their efforts is their people, whose talent, creativity and dedication are the basis of success. Employees start training while they first start working at Samsung and continue on with training as often as once a month for the interval of their professional life.

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Also each employee has training on managing, save, and processing of chemicals as well. Nourishes professional engineering human power carries out the education with specialization such as high technology, core technology, basic (foundation) technology and R&D technology education (samsung, n.d.)For competing in the global market, Samsung concentrate on attracting the top talent and show an organizational culture in which each person can excel. Samsung divide their products into many division with different employee specialization, for example, Visual presentation Business, Digital device Business, Health & Medical tools Business, Mobile Communications Business, Network Business, Memory Business, System LSI Business, and Foundry Business as well.Samsung’s division diversity makes Samsung have several works specialization inside the organization. Samsung recruit Their employees with many specialisms depends on the division. Moreover, Samsung train their employees specifically and the division stand separately.

In May 2017 the Foundry Business division detached from the System LSI Business due to support its business skillfulness and to speed up the development of its existence within the market. Foundry Business focus to begin the production of the 2nd decent 10nm FinFET process.Sont:Sony has a hung number of functions. Each function requires the person who takes charge and makes it count for something.

As an innovative company, Sony moves fastly towards their goals, that means Sony requires a dedicated managerial team who can help to bring order and assistance when needed. Therefore, Sony welcoming liaison between visitors, guest, and employees. Every day, they bridge organizations, raise partnerships and increase the essential services to keep business running smoothly.Sony started with the communication in 1997 when it created Sony GTE Communication together with GTE to produce electronic interchange and transmission devices. The most successful business in communication for Sony is Sony Xperia and have launched since 2008. Sony’s second biggest Success has been PlayStation.

In 1993, Sony established Sony Picture Entertainment as a common project between Sony and its Japanese subsidiary. nowadays, Sony picture Entertainment is now the biggest film company in the world, contracting 40% of Hollywood’s film assets (CHANG, 2008). next to communication, photo and gaming amusement, Sony produces audio, computing, photography, videography, medical, and electric vehicles in electronics category as well.

Besides in entertainment area, Sony has music entertainment and music spreading and finance Sony has Mobile Payments that known as Felica.Difference Between Samsung and Sony in Work SpecializationSony has a tall organizational framework which using divisionalized form. Therefore, it can facilitate the several sections to compete strongly among them, with effective operations to meet quick changes in external environment. On the other hand, Samsung Electronics is split into Digital Media, Semiconductors, Telecommunications, Digital devices and LCDs, which are managed by business unit managers.

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