World Geo Unit 8 – South Asia

Topic: CultureSubculture
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Last updated: April 27, 2019
What is India’s primary religion?

When did Muslim invaders arrive?

What did cultivating in a Muslim dynasty led by the Moguls do to the religion?
Many changed to Islam

What did Britain’s imperialist policy result in?
control of India

When did India win its independence?

What did India become in 1947?
Hindu India and Muslim Pakistan

Who is the world’s most populous democracy?

Who is second in population in South Asia?

Who is first in population in South Asia?

India’s cities are some of the world’s most populated cities, but most people live where?
rural areas

Why have people been migrating to cities?
better opportunities, straining resources

What is the most widely spoke language?

What percent of India is Hindu?

What group holds 13% of India?

Where do high jatis live?
village center

Where do low jatis live?
surrounding area of village center

How does marriage work?
The marriage is arranged according to jati and their parents

What kind of family lives in the villages? (not rich or poor)

What sparked the economic growth?
Governmental deregulation of many industries

What work does half of the population participate in?

What do farmers rely on?
Labor-intensive methods

Where do most well-educated people work?
high technology and engineering fields

What increases each year? What causes this?
Energy consumption due to buying of cars and the use of more electricity

What do most poor countries lack?

What obstacles do poor countries face?
achieving sustainable development

What advantages does the Buddhist tradition have?
encourages respects for nature & the value of all life forms

What major environmental problems do Bhutan, Maldives, Nepal & Sri Lanka face?
Deforestation, soil & water issues

What companies have used clear-cutting?
Commercial timber

What happens when rain forests disappear?
soil erodes, rain produces floods, and temperatures rise

What threatens the endangered and rare wildlife?
intruding settlements and poaching

What does Bhutan’s constitution require?
to keep 60% of its land forested and it encourages organic farming

What group raises environmental action to the cabinet level?
Sir Lanka’s Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources

Maldives and Bhutan has launched programs what are the programs doing?
limiting fossil fuels

What is the goal of limiting fossil fuels?
hopes to have no carbon emissions by 2020

What do Pakistan and Bangladesh share?
Muslim influence, British colonialism, and the pursuit of independence

What has independence in Pakistan been marked?
unstable, violent, and has a continuous struggle with India over the Kashmir region

What did the Bengali people gain? Who helped them?
independence with the help from India

What age group makes most of the population?
under 15

Where do most Pakistanis live?
rural areas along the Indus River

What country is the most densely populated in South Asia?

What is dropping in Bangladesh?
fertility rate

What is the annually growth rate of the population in Pakistan?

What is the predominant religion in Pakistan and Bangladesh?

What rate is very low in Pakistan and Bangladesh?

What 2 things are very important in Bangladesh and Pakistan?
Literature and dance

What is very widespread in Pakistan and Bangladesh?

What do Pakistan and Bangladesh rely on?
agriculture and textiles

What is the primary transportation in Pakistan?

What are most people in Bangladeshis?

What is the major crop in Bangladesh?

What country is the leading producer in the field of aquaculture?

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