World History AP Midterm Review

The Aryans
were led by tribal chieftains who were called rajas

The Caste system
was applicable every member of indian society

Women in ancient India
were legally owned by their husbands and male children

It can be said of gender relations among ancient Indians that
Hinduism advocated respect for the equal rights of men and women

On a practical level, reincarnation
provided hope for the lower classes

The purpose of the Vedas was to provide
hymns and rituals sacrifices for tribal Aryan religious ceremonies

The beginnings of civilization in China were
possibly first experienced under the Xia dynasty

The idea of Mandate of Heaven was
introduced by the Zhou dynasty and it served to legitimize its power

assumed that all humans had their own Dao

has the Dao De Jing as its primary document

The principles of filial piety
made the needs and desires of patriarchal family heads the family’s central concern

Characteristic elements of daily Chinese life were
simple and sparsely furnished houses

The terra-cotta figures near the Qin First Emperor’s burial mound demonstrate the
huge expenditures that were devoted to afterlife preparation for the monarch

What “modern” idea was advanced by Confucius over two thousand years ago?
government depends on the will of the people

Greek geography
contained mountainous areas that impeded greek untiy

During the Greek Dark Age,
many Greeks left the mainland for Ionia and Aegean isalnds

Mycenaean Civilizatoin
was founded by Indo-Europeans who migrated into Greece as early as 1900 B.C.E.

Spartan males were recognized as mature, allowed to live at home, and permitted to vote in the assembly at the age of

the term polis describes
a community of citizens in which all political, economic, social, cultural, religious activities were performed

The Greeks decisively defeated the Persians
near the the Island of Salamis

Greek philosophy
contained thinkers holding only absolutist views

Greek religion was characterized by
polytheism, rituals, sacrifice, and festivals

The Olympic games were held to honor

The legacy of Alexander the Great
embraced a major clash and fusion of cultures across a huge area as Greco-Macedonian elite assumed power in highly diverse cultures

The government of Rome
was originally a monarchy but later became a republic

The plebians
were less privileged and often poorer than the patricians

Julius Caesar
was assassinated by leading senators convinced his death would restore his republic

The first Christian Emperor of the Roman Empire was

In comparison to Han China, in the Roman Empire
merchants were more highly regarded

A fundamental difference between the Roman Empire and China’s Han Empire was that the
essentials of the Han Empire were replicated by the later dynasties but the Roman Empire disappeared expect as an idea

The koran or Qur’an
was derived from the revelation of Muhammad

The Crusades
were due, in part, to power shifts stemming from the weakening of the Byzantine Empire after the rise of the Seljuk Turks

The great river that dominates the western region of Africa, the so-called “hump of Africa” is the

The Kushan peoples
were of Indo-European background, driven out of Central Asia by the Xiongnu

The founder of the Mongol Empire was
Genghis Khan

Empress Wu
made a significant contribution to the civil service examination system

Major difference between China and late medieval Europe were that
the Chinese made many technological advances, such as the compass and block printing, but were less interested in scientific inquiry

The new class of Japanese military officials and retainers whose purpose was to protect their patrons and their property was the

known as “the way of the warrior,” the strict code of the Japanese retainer was called

The samurai
were like medieval European knights, expect that the samurai were equipped with bows and arrows rather than lances and shields

involves the performance of ritual acts, usually performed at a shrine

Which of the following is an accurate characterization of the relationship between he Chinese and Japanese written language?
using Chinese characters as phonetic symbols, Japan created a workable “hybrid” system

which of the following is a valid observation about Japanese poetry?
in the early Heian court, it was the means of communication between lovers

Japanese poetry
expressed themes in simple forms designed to create a general mood

adopted Chinese institutions in order to facilitate political centralization

which of the following was not a characteristic of gothic architecture?
thick wals

All of the following were motives for the Crusades except
the aim to increase religious toleration between Muslims and Christians

The Black death
was spread by fleas carrying Yersinia pestis

All of the following regarded the Hundred Year War except
traditional nobles fighting on horseback were the key to victory

the Italian Renaissance was
all except a mass movement

The principles of Early Renaissance art
were demonstrated in the frescoes of Masaccio, which employed the laws of perspective and a more realistic relationship between figures and landscapes

the divine beauty of the ceiling figures in the sistine Chapel are a reflection of the Neoplatonism of

all of the following were true of the political recovery of the fifteenth century in Europe except that
centralized monarchies gained strength in Germanic central Europe

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