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Last updated: April 30, 2019
Which statement best describes national economies after World War I?
Almost all major economies were bankrupt

By the end of World War I, what political tradition had essentially ended in Europe?
Rule by the old empires

Which generalization is true of political life in postwar Europe?
Changing forms of government created a sense of insecurity

One way fascist leaders in the 1920’s and 1930’s gained popular support was by what?
Appealing national pride

Fascism arose in Italy primarily as a result of what?
Severe economic problems, fear of communism take over, and division created by agricultural and industrial strikes

After World War I, a widespread sense of purposelessness was best reflected in the art form called?

Authors Ernest Hemingway and F.

Scott Fitzgerald are identified with what?

The lost gerneration

After World War I, many artist, architects, writers, and musicians rejected what?
Traditional styles

The “lost generation” of writers who gathered in Paris were considered “lost” because of what?
The war had left them with a sense of meaningless

What common post-World War I literary theme is characterized by Paul in the quotation from “All Quite on the Western Front?”
The horrors of war destroyed the young soldiers’ trust in their elders

What did Karl Marx and Friedrich Engris believe would be the result when communism finally emerged as the dominant political and economic system?
All the evils of industrial society would disappear

Which slogan expressed the ideals if the Bolshevik Revolution of 1917?
Land, Peace, and Bread

The Bolshevik Revolution of 1917 was a major turning pint in history because what?
Russia became the first nation with a communist economic system

Russian peasants supported the Bolsheviks in 1917 primarily because the Bolsheviks pledged to what?
Redistribute land and make peace

Which situation is characteristic of a totalitarian society?
The freedoms of speech, press, and religion are denied

What were forced labor camps called in the Soviet Union?

How did Joseph Stalin rise to power in the Soviet Union?
He took leadership of the Communist Party by controlling promotions and having his rival exiled

Under Joseph Stalin, life in the Soviet Union was characterized by what?
The use of censorship and the secret police

One similarity between Russia under the czars and the Soviet Union under Joseph Stalin is that in both types of government these leaders did what?
Established an authoritarian form of government

Which statement best describes how a command economy functioned in the Soviet Union?
A central authority determined the type and quantity of goods to be produced

What was the major goal of Joseph Stalin’s five year plans in the Soviet Union?
Encouraging rapid industrialization

Who ordered the Terror Famine in the Ukraine?
Joseph Stalin

How did Joseph Stalin accomplish the collectivization of agriculture in the Soviet Union?
By ordering the deaths of millions of resistant peasant farmers

An economic accomplishment of the Soviet Union under Joseph Stalin was what?
Increasing production of heavy industrial machinery

During the mid 1930’s, which characteristic was common to Fascist Italy, Nazi Germany, and Communist Russia?
One-party system that denied basic human rights

Fascism in Europe during the 1920’s and 1930’s is best described as what?
Form of totalitarianism that glorified the state above the individual

Which practice was similar under the rule of the Bolsheviks in Russia and the of the Nazi Party in Germany?
Limiting government opposition through intimidation and fear

Both Italian Fascists and German Nazis gained power partly because they what?
Used terror tactics against political opponents

Which of the following does not describe Hitler’s Germany, Mussolini’s Italy, and Stalin’s Russia?
Marxist principles governed all economic activity

The major impact of the Treaty of Versailles on Germany was that the treaty led to what?
An increase in Germany’s desire to regain its power and prestige

What was one reason the Nazi programs and policies of the early 1930’s appealed to many people in Germany?
The people were frustrated with their current economic and political situation

The imperialist policies followed by Japan after World War I were based on a desire to what?
Obtain natural resources for manufacturing

What was the strategic result of Germany’s decision to invade the Soviet Union during World War II?
It had to send huge numbers of troops east, which left it vulnerable in the west

What had Hitler and Stalin secretly agreed to in the nonaggression pact (Stalin-Hitler Pact of 1939)?
To divide up Poland

Which statement best explains why many Germans became discontented with the Weimar Republic in the early 1930’s?
Germany was experienced widespread unemployment and other economic problems

Which factor contributed most to the rise of totalitarian government in Europe before World War II?
Worsening economic conditions

In Europe during the 1930’s, several national leaders, in order to preserve peace at any cost, agreed to the demands of an aggressor. This policy is referred to as what?

Which World War II era leader repeatedly made demands in exchange for peace, and then attacked after his demands were met?
Adolf Hitler

Which American attitude at the beginning of World War II delayed the country’s entry into the war?
Reluctance to intervene in foreign events

What foreign policy did the US follow before WWII?

Which country marked on the map was an Axis power during World War II?

How did the US entrance into World War II affect the Allied powers strategically?
It helped them by forcing the European Axis powers to fight a two-front war

What brought Great Britain and France into World War II?
Invasion of Poland by Germany

Why did the US enter WWII?
The bombing of Pearl Harbor

What was D-day?
The day the Allies began their invasion of Europe

What two cities were the atomic bombs dropped on?
Hiroshima and Nagasaki

Since the end of World War II, military rearmament in Japan has been limited by what?
Specific restrictions in Japan’s constitution

Who was the Prime Minister of Britain during WWII?
Winston Churchill

Who was the President of the US during the Great Depression and WWII?
Franklin Delano Roosevelt

Which event caused Emperor Hirohito to announce that he was “only human after all?”
Defeat of the Japanese in World War II

Which type of political system did V.I.Lenin, Adolf Hitler, and Benito Mussolini establish in their countries?

What was one of Dwight Eisenhower’s roles during the Second World War?
He led the US forces in the invasion of Normandy D-Day

Who was the commander of the Allied land force in the Pacific during WWII?
Douglas MacArthur

Which statement reflects the different actions Lenin and Hitler were justifying in these excerpts?
Lenin called on the workers to organize; Hitler supported the oppression of the Jews

Which is one major reason the Holocaust is considered a unique event in modern European history?
The genocide was planned in great detain and required the cooperation of many people

What was the attack on German Jews by Nazi mobs on November 9, 1938 called?

What happened at the Nuremberg Trials?
Nazi leaders were put on trial and hanged

What was the Final Solution?
Genocide of the Jews

How many Jews died in the death camps?
6 million

According to these statistics, which country in World War II experienced the most fighting on it soil?

Which country suffered the highest number of civilian casualties?

Which of the following conclusions is accurately drawn form the statistic chart above?
The losses of the USSR were greater than the combined losses of all the other nations

It is estimated that millions of lives were saved during World War II because of the discovery of what?

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