World History Ch: 10

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Last updated: April 23, 2019
The Chinese Civil Service examination
Had the majority of successful candidates coming from the Scholar-genty

All of the following factors contributed to the end of the Mongol rule in China EXCEPT
The plaque that killed millions of Mongols in 1241 and 1242

Which of the following was NOT an economic factor in medieval China
The Sui Dynasty closed the Silk Road

The founder of the Mongol Empire was
Genghis Khan

The main purpose for the development of Neo-Confucianism was to
Deal with the issues of the universe that had been introduced into China by Buddhism and Daoism and which were able to fit into original Confucian value system

During the Han Dynasty, Chinese literature was stimulated by the invention of

Of the three philosophies competing for attention in medieval China
Confucianism triumphed because it adhered to the Chinese social need to support the concepts of hard work and filial piety

Although medieval China was the source of many of the great inventions of its time, it failed to develop the technological advances that these inventions produced elsewhere mainly because
Confucian values, coupled with scholar-gentry indifference, stifled technological advancement

The motives for the voyages of Zheng possibly included all of the following EXCEPT
Military conquest

Although the Sui dynasty ruled only a short time, its successes included the construction of the Grand Canal, linking the Yangtze and Yellow Rivers.

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