World History Lesson 7

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Last updated: April 25, 2019
Dutch established a fort here in 1619

the journey of slaves from Africa to America
Middle Passage

the right of Spanish settlers to use Native Americans as laborers

African society that was ruined because of the slave trade

southern coast of West Africa
Gold Coast

English influence on the spice market was reduced to a single port located here

extremely profitable trade item from Southeast Asia

king of Congo

established a line of demarcation between Spanish and Portuguese territories
Treaty of Tordesillas

Venetian seaman who explored the coastline of New England
John Cabot

Vasco da Gama’s discovery of a route to India by sea proved to be
very profitable, since da Gama returned with a cargo of spices and made a profit of several thousand percent..

__________ went to his grave believing he had discovered a westward passage to Asia, when in fact he had actually discovered the Americas.
Christopher Columbus.

What was the name of the set of principles that dominated economic thought in the seventeenth century?

The __________ were Protestants in England who were inspired by Calvinist ideas.


Oliver Cromwell’s defeat of the king’s forces allowed him to
take control of England and eventually establish a military dictatorship..

The foundation for a constitutional monarchy in England was laid by the
English Bill of Rights.

Absolutism is
a system of government in which a ruler holds total power..

Louis XIV maintained complete authority as monarch by
distracting the nobles and royal princes with court life, to keep them out of politics..

The style of painting known as __________ is known for its use of dramatic effects to arouse the emotions.


The work of William Shakespeare is perhaps the best example of __________ literature.

a pattern of trade that connected Europe, Africa and Asia, and the American continents
Triangular Trade

an administrative organization that relies on nonelected officials and regular procedures

the first Portuguese sea captain to round Cape of Good Hope and sail on straight to India
Vasco de Gama

agreement signed in 1494 that established a line demarcation giving Spain the Americas and Portugal Africa
Treaty of Tordasillas

a settlement of people living in a new territory linked with the parent country

a Florentine who went along on several voyages to the Americas and wrote several letters describing the lands he saw
Amerigo Vespucci

an economic system which states that the prosperity of a nation depends on a large supply of gold and silver

the difference in value between what a nation imports and what it exports over time
Balance of trade

a Spanish conqueror of the Americas

a Venetian seaman who explored the New England coastline for England
John Cabot

a fleet of warships

a Russian noble

a republic

a political system in which a ruler holds total power

the belief that rulers receive their power from god and are responsible only to god
divine right of kings

military genius and leader of the New Model Army
Oliver Cromwell

an artistic form characterized by complex forms, bold ornamentation, and contrasting elements

French protestants influenced by John Calvin


the rights to life, liberty, and property
Natural Rights

The __________ society of eastern Nigeria produced more slaves than practically any other in the continent.

__________ became the dominant religion on the Southeast Asian mainland from 1500 to 1800.

To Portuguese explorers, the southern coast of West Africa became known as the
Gold Coast

What was the “Glorious Revolution”?
the invasion of England by William of Orange, which overthrew James II with almost no bloodshed

The foundation for a constitutional monarchy in England was laid by the
Bill of Rights

Czar Peter the Great built and moved the capital of the Russian Empire to


An artistic movement developed in Italy during the 1520s and 1530s called ______ ended the Renaissance by changing the principles of balance, harmony, and moderation.

In both the American and French revolutions, the demands for a constitutional government where supported with the writings of _______
John Locke

The _______ were empires that owed much of their existence and size to new weapons like canon and muskets.
Gunpowder Empires

The Spanish conquistador ______ conquered the Incans in the Peruvian Andes.
Francisco Pizaro

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