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prose, poetry, dramaex: song lyrics, auto-biography, a printed nursery rhyme

over exaggeration of emotionPurpose: to teach cultural values through entertainment5 elements: characters, action, thought (dialogue), spectacle (scenery/music/elaborate costumes), spectators

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Greek Tragedy
a genre of greek drama that ends with no resolutionElements:-plot was set in distant historical times-themes of death, suffering, agony-the practice of kin-killing-reputation of hero threatened-destruction of kinship lines

Noh Drama
-originated in the 14th century from the imperial court-shaped by Kan’ami and Zeami Motokiyo-Was the earliest form of Japanese drama. -explores obsessive emotions-actors traditionally male-It contained ghosts (these actors wore masks) and was shortThemes:-death-obsessive grief-salvationATSUMORI

popular in Englan around 15th centurya written form of expressionElements:no rhythmic patternwritten in sentences and paragraphsideas presented not listedlogical grammatical orderpunctuation

nonfictional prose
mainly based on facts (ex: essays)

fictional prose
imagined or theoretical (ex: novels)

heroic prose
formulaic expression either written or oral and uses many of the formulaic in oral tradition poetry (myths, legends, fables)

prose poetry
literary work that draws of poetic tradition written in prose instead of verse

Short Story
a prose narrative between 500 and 1500 words that focuses on realism

story with a hidden meaning (ex: Diary of a Madman)

a short story usually told through oral tradition with the goal of starting social and political activism

Lyric poetry
poetry with musicuses allusion and ambiguity

a literary genre of expression of emotions and story telling-stylized form and language (allusions, metaphors, symbols, ambiguities)-heightened rhetoric-lineation-aesthetic appeal-Teaches moral, ethical, and cultural standards and cultural identity

Greeks dedicated their tragedies to him

Sappho of Lesbos
poet Catullus was inspired by

A character in Catullus’s poem a literary pseudonym for his lover


state religion of Classical Japanadopted by Yamatao rulers to promote welfare of state

a theory or practice of art and literature with a faithfulness to nature and to accurately represent it as it is and not how we perceive it

founder of Confucianism

Botalaote Tribe

The sun god in the Pueblo tribe he kidnapped yellow woman

younger contemporary of Aeschylus and Sophoclesused colloquial language, un heroic heroes, promiscuous women, creul violent gods, plot twists, novel approacheswrote 90+ playsBorn in Athens in 480 BCEDied in Macedon 406 BCE

Classical Greece
from 6th century BCE to 4th century BCEperiod between the Persian wars

based on a traditional storyfocus on domestic troubles in CorinthThemes:-the opposition of order and chaos-the idea of time

suggests deep understanding or can imply mere cleverness

satorizes people he find annoying

Love Lyrics
-always from the point of view of young people-expresses love-talks about feeling of the heart-optimistic-adolescent lovers

Classical Rome
republic government-power shared among several different official groups of people including the senate and lasted unntil 1st century BCEbuilt sewers, baths with hot and cold water, straight roads, and aqueducts

Medieval Japan
-ruled by military clans til 1868-emperor had little power he was more of a symbolic figure he stayed in Kyoto with the court-shoguns ruled through the feudal system-literature was more influenced by warrior ethics and the needs of the society

Songs of Innocence
comes from the perspective of a child, but the target audience is adultsPurpose: to jar readers out of complacency

Why the kids?
Kids are the future and a better life for children will help to stabilize society


The Deep River
Themes:abuse of aquordian societiesracial themessexual themesexilealienation

Famous Classical Greek Philosopher

Why was drama important?
-It reinforced a sense of community-It interpreted the many relationships the Greeks had with their Gods-It reminded the spectators of their cultural identities

The Greek Tragedy Medea was not popular because?
-The play was visually too austere and ethnically shocking-The main character was a woman-Medea was infused with a male’s legal and political traits

Why didn’t Euripides win may awards?
Because of:-his rejection of formal, proper speech for his characters-his depictions of cruel, violent gods-his depictions of flawed heroes

Zeami Motokiyo
Lived dirung a time with a deep sense of feudal brotherhood

In Classical Greek Tragedies, the conflict between two opposing forces is never resolved

Noh Drama is not the oldest dramatic form of Japan.


Japanese Noh masks were as elaborate as the actors’ clothing.

The three genres of Classical Greek Drama

The modern psychological term that describes the murderous hatred a mother has toward her child or children is called..


The Medea Complex

Buddhist term for ‘non-seperation’

Buddhist belief that a soul can pass from one body to another is called..



What is poetry?
a verbal or written art that can be sungwords set to a specific rhythmic patternform of expression through sound and meaning of words

Purpose of poetry
instructdelightfor artistic pleasure

The most important characteristic that differentiates the writing of poetry from any other form of literary art is…
The use of lineation

Ancient Egyptian poetry
Characteristics:heroic coupletssound repititionimageryuse of figurative language

Ancient Egyptian love song were meant for

The poetic device known as exchanges can be found in the poetry of
Ancient Egyptian Love songs

Catullus lived during the time of
Julius Cesaer

The Lesbia poems present
all phases of love

The poetry of the Romantic movement was
written in Englandinspired by revolution and rebellion

Victorian poetry
drew on major characteristics of the novel

Ancient Egyptian Love songs were considered to be higher genre of lyric poem

During the Golden Age of Roman Literature, many Roman poets relied on themselves for poetic inspiration

In roman society, it was possible to earn a good, independent living.

Catullus took artistic inspiration from a Greek poet

William Blake
known for his paintings

Elizabeth Barrett Browning
wrote about child labor issues and injustices against women

The group of poets Catullus belonged to

Catullus’s overall perception of love is

When did the Greeks develop their oral tradition of poetry?
Dark Ages

When did the Athenians produce their most important literary and cultural achievements?
After their victories against Persia in the 5th century BCE

These educators trained young men for public life

Who was the foundation for what would become Western philosophy?

Along with song and dance, Greek drama is also bound up with issues from contemporary politics and/or religion

Greek drama was also composed in verse

In its early historical period Japanese literary artists only wrote their works in their own language

Throughout its early and medieval periods Japanese women were forbidden from creating art

Effects of early Japan adapting to Chinese system of writing and its traditions?
-Chinese became official language of government-Buddhism became the important religion of Japan-To adapt to Chinese language and culture meant high status

The civil war during the height of Japan’s medieval period between the Heike and Genji had long lasting political and cultural affects well into the nineteenth century

The Shoguns of the medieval period were highly interested in the arts, bringing both dramatic and literary artistry outside of the Imperial Court

Zeami Motokiyo was not a popular dramatist of the Japanese Shogun period

The battle of Ichi-no-tahni (in Atsumori) happened at
Suma shore

Rensho calls out the ‘Name’ which is
Namu Amida Bu

The method of telling stories orally is the same as the one used in the writing of stories.

In a pre-literate society, oral story-telling
used repetition and stock characterspreserved cultural memorydrew on older stories to convey cultural memories

Writing was invented to preserve literature

Ancient Egyptian Literature was composed of multiple genres

When did Ancient Egypt’s literary production change drastically?
Middle Kingdom

Ancient Egyptian love poetry survives on
potsherdspapyriflakes of limestone

O how I would be in joy and delight
I wish I were her Nubian maid

If I see he I’ll become healthy
Seven whole days

In its early history.

, Rome had a similar gov’t structure to Athens


From the 6th century BCE Rome was a

Rome’s civic philosophy was different than the Greeks’s

By all accounts, the Romans were pragmatic in their approach to the development of their infrastructure. They were talented builders of sewer systems, baths, road, and aqueducts.

Though their philosophy was different from the Greeks, the Romans were certainly admirers of their culture.

Gaius Valerius Catulls had the ability to convey conflicting emotions in his poetry.

Catullus was born in
Verona, Italy

Catullus lived during a turbulent time in Roman history

The industrial revolution began in
England in the 18th century

How did England solve the problem of growing their economy during the late-eighteenth century?
colonial expansion

Which country’s economy suffered the most as England expanded it global influence and economy?

In the nineteenth century poets around the world were inventing startling new poetic forms and resisting traditional expectations.


The term Romanticism includes
-the ideas of wild and untamed natural settings-a rejection of Neoclassical styles-a rejection of reason as an organizing principle for art and society

The dominant literary form of the Romantics was the
lyric poem

Nature played a crucial role in Romanticism.

William Blake was a very popular poet in his day.

The following line comes from which of Blake’s poem: “O what a multitude they seemed, these flowers of London town!”
Holy Thursday

The following lines come from which of Blake’s poem: “In every cry of every Man, / In every Infant’s cry of fear”

The rapid expansion of empires, faster transportation methods, new technology, enabled literary writers to become more globally aware than ever before.

One of the most powerful artistic movements of the nineteenth century was

Realism in literary art allowed writers to be able to tell
-the unvarnished truth of life-reject sentimentality of life-describe the world as objectively as possible

Tagore received the Nobel Prize in Literature for his contributions to

Tagore wrote all of his literary works in English.


“Punishment” is a story set in Bengal, India.

-Radha killed by husband Dukhiram-Chidam husband of Chandra brother to Dukhiram-Chandra wife of Chidam and blamed for death of Radha -Dukhiram killed his wife Radha and is brother to Chidam-Ramlochen is the landlord

Given improving inventions and new technologies, the beginning of the early twentieth century allowed the world to interconnected as never before.

As the twentieth century progressed, the world population exploded and many found themselves living more and more in urban environments, becoming a major developing theme of literary writers

Writers around the world responded to the cataclysmic events, such as World Wars I and II, with an unprecedented wave of ltierary experimentation, which we know as

Given the many violent events around the world during the first half of the twentieth century, many writers focused their literary art on breaking the traditions of a worldview that seemed no longer valid.

Modernism began in

Given a breakway from many literary traditions, modernist writers felt free to address many social and cultural taboos, such as sexuality.

The Chinese writer Lu Xun was an avid cultural traditionalist.

What happened to the young man who had fallen ill in “The Diary of a Madman”?
He recovered and was waiting for government appointment

Lu Xun produced most of his literary art during which event?
May Fourth Movement

What did the young man suffer from?
He thought the villagers were cannibals

Mahfouz received a degree of philosophy from the University of Cairo.


During his youth, Mahfouz lived during a time of political stability under British rule.

Mahfouz’s early writing was influenced by
-the history of ancient Egypt-the Socialist philosopher Salama Musa-Darwinism

During the time of the Egyptian Republic under Gamal Abdel Nasser, Mahfouz criticized the regime in his writing by depicting Islamic prophets as social reforms of his society rather than religious figures.

The short story “Zaabalawi” stands as a social document that describes many of the political representatives of modern Egyptian society, set in a realistically described city of Cairo.


In the short story, who said this: “May his blessing descend upon you, he’s a true saint of God, a remover of worries and troubles…”
Narrator’s father

In the short story, who said this: “Do not give into defeat. This extraordinary man brings fatigue to all who seek him. It was easy enough with him in the old days when his place of abode was known.


In the short story, did the narrator finally meet Zaabalawi?

After the tavern scene in the short story, did the narrator ever meet Wanas again?

In her writings, Bessie Head drew inspiration from
-mythology-legends-oral traditions

During her teaching career, Bessie Head became interested in the teachings of Mahaatma Gandhi, but not Hinduism.

Why was Bessie Head arrested in Botswana?
She denounced the President of Botswana as an assassin

Bessie Head led a happy and healthy life.

In the Short Story “The Deep River..

.,” Bessie Head laments the passing of the unified traditional society of Botswana.


In the short story, who had the authority to proclaim a harvest thanksgiving?

In this short story, the name of the village leader was:

In the short story, who said the following: “A ruler must not be carried away by his emotions. This matter is going to cause disputes among the people.”
the councillors

Who was the real father of the baby Makobi?

Why did Sebembele leave the village?
He made a public display of his love for Rankwana and their son

Leslie Marmon Silko was born in
New Mexico

The short story “Yellow Woman” was published in

In folk lore, the character Yellow Woman usually appears in tales of abduction.

In traditional Laguna lore, Yellow Woman has been described as
-a heroine-a minor character-a corn spirit

The novel the propelled Silko into literary prominence was

At the beginning of the story, who was the man the narrator spent the night with?

In the story, who said the following: “What they tell in stories was real only then, back in time immemorial, like they say.”

In the story, when they raded the mountain cabin, what did the narrator cook?

What did the rancher accuse the narrator’s companion of doing?
rustling cattle

In the story, when the narrator reached home what was her husband doing?
playing with the baby

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