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Last updated: September 20, 2019

Written Task 1-Rationale  Journalism has always been associated with peoplescavenging for “juicy headlines” and “breaking news”. But the question stillholds, is that all journalists are capable of? In this present globalizingworld, an essence of true journalism is still etched onto many hearts. I have tailoredthis task to, thus, reflect a speech given by Melanie Sill, a well-renownedjournalist. I was inspired to choose her embodiment as a journalist afterhearing her speech at a literature festival about “True journalism”. Afterfurther researching on her crescendo of successes I was in awe of her.

 Ihave particularly chosen a speech to magnetize the audience. I have written mytask in an informal register to add a light-hearted tone to it. The style ofwriting is also conversational to obtain the viewpoint of my audience as well.I am particularly targeting young, journalists’ minds, urging them to bring aspark of change into this corrupted profession.

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Anotherreason I chose this task is its learning outcome, as it reflects the way massmedia uses language to inform, persuade and entertain the public.  Speech has given me a pathway to put my messageacross the audience through rhetorical devices as well as an appeal to ethos,pathos and logos. Anaphora has also been established to re-emphasize on themain jest of my speech. I have implied these devices into inhibiting Melanie’scharacter. She is long winded with her ideas, has a jumpy stream ofconsciousness, and uses varied sentences as her mind works towards thebetterment of journalism. I translated these devices into my speech so thereader would get the real voice of Melanie. This written task has given me thechance to widen the lens of the stereotypes on journalism and prove how to be a”good journalist”.

 Word count: 298 WrittenTask- 1 I’ll be honest with you today. Journalism is not exactly an uphill; itis rather a doom-and-gloom. Thousands of journalists ambling to enter thisparticular field are persuaded to bail for a different profession beforegraduation or after. However, I am hoping you are not “thousands of them”. Youare different, right? You have to be in order tobe the black sheep in the crowd amongst the others telling you to get out ofthe business before you’ve even gotten into it.

 Good morning my fellow journalists! I am glad to see thatnone of you are holding papers and cameras just in time to shoot any blunder Imake here today. After all, isn’t that what journalists are for? I believe thecounter. This is not what we are made of.

We are much more than this. So today,I wish to amalgamate all the information I have explored in my 4 years ofcollege in North Carolina where I dwelled into reporting and even had theprivilege to cover the 1980’s presidential election in Washington. So here Ipropose the most debatable question, “How to be a good journalist?”I want to seesome hands of all of you enrolled in Broadcast journalism or photojournalism.Fantastic! There are so many of you. But the main purpose of this is, that nomatter what stream you flow in, you all lead to one pond of uncovering thetruth that underlies the water.

And thus, your first step to being a goodjournalist is supporting the truth. Trust me, it’s not that simple.  Every information you gather, whether firsthand or observed from various flashes of news, the game you play is verysimple. You simply plough deep down to the root of the issue, unearth the truthto the world, instead of glorifying it for front cover magazines. Most of thejournalists will tangle up a piece of information to make it more sensationalin the black and white headlines of every newspaper and get a pat on the back.But I believe in you. You are different. The people are what make our countryand the least they deserve is the truth.

So the first step to good journalismis stripping the bare truth to the world.  Another step towards the path of good journalism is notonly surfacing the truth, but also digging down further until every viewpointof the frame is explored. In this present day, what is really missing isindependent reporting. No, by that I don’t mean delving into one story todayand a different one tomorrow. Instead, I want every journalist present here tostick to an issue and allow the people to really understand the root cause ofit.

Along with the truth, they also deserve accuracy. The media itself is structuredsuch that all these tragedies are just picked up, made headlines and simply sanitizedfor readers to consume along with their morning cup of tea. However, how manyheinous murders go unheard? How many assaults are forgotten by the nextsunrise? Journalists tirelessly hunt for sensational news, endless TRP wars andmost importantly eyeball-grabbing headlines that leave the public pondering.

However, they deny following through these tragedies and reaching the groundroot of it. What is “eyeball-grabbing” for me is not the bold news flashed onevery newspaper or magazine, but instead how innumerable cases of rape andmurders outdo one another. Every unseemly detail presented of the latestincident seems to obscure every memory that had existed of the one before. Why?Why can’t we unravel every issue at hand first, before diving into the other?This is the age of spin. We need much more diverse corps of journalists, oneswho interpret the world in different ways with the eyes of different ethnicvalues. Most importantly, we need all of you. After all, journalism is a mechanism for transmitting thepower into the hands of the people who are left in the dark. Lastly, if you are able to put two and two together -as the forestsact for the trees-they’re an asset.

The same way, deeply understanding a topichelps you act as an asset for the world. Thus, parallel to everything else,your research and development skills need to be at a high edge. Journalism iseventually all skilled work. Every one of you needs to be able to buckle up,get to the primary source of the catastrophe that took place and invest everybrain cell of yours into developing a report on it by framing wise questions. Moreover,there has to be a balance between wanting to extract every information possibleand displaying a sense of empathy towards the people. In the end, they are oneof us.

Journalism is eventually a tool towards social injustice by revealingthem. The reporter’s empathy can further help him to relate to the downtrodden. Thus, you should be able to balance out between the right amount ofdiligence as well as empathy. It can take endless sunsets to sunrise to finallycomplete your research. And there you are! What you need to understand is thatyour job is to bring the news alive to every person. I believe that you canheighten the validity of your research through accurate statistics and digitsin order for the people to comprehend the gravity of the condition. However, Iwill always recommend you to keep every information raw. This means with noadded spices and sugar to make it appear more interesting.

Journalism is anessential ingredient in our democracy, one that has been badly undervalued inthe recent times. I know this speech can hop over some of your heads, andyou may disagree with what I say. But, this is just my opinion. Leaving all ofthe factors aside to be a good journalist, you need to love your profession.

The world might raise a riot against you, but in the end, you have to be trueto yourself and your passion for it. Not one of you can succeed in this fieldif there isn’t a spark within you to cause a change. Thank you for listening to me with such enthusiasm. I amelated to be here with all of you.

I hope you always remember how much theworld requires journalism. And journalism requires you. So, you can now diffusethe fire that was mounting within you during my speech and take out yourcameras and papers to report what the world really needs to see; the truth.


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