Yellow-Yellow Review

Yellow-Yellow by Kaine Agary Throughout the story of Yellow-Yellow the protagonist, Zilayefa, faces problems with different males similar to the daily struggles of the poor in the Niger Delta region of Nigeria. The first person who tries to exploit her is Sergio. Sergio is a charming man from Spain who travels to Zilayefa’s village for a funeral. During Sergio’s visits, Zilayefa makes herself noticeable to Sergio which strikes conversation. Sergio becomes fond of her and they begin to spend time with each other.

She egins to capture feelings for Sergio but hides it from her mother because her mother believes she should focus on books rather than finding a “lover. ” One day her and Sergio are planned to meet up but Sergio fails to show up which leaves her puzzled. She begins to questions if he really cared for her. She becomes depressed and her mother choices not to say anything but comfort her daughter. The second man that Zilayefa encounters is Admiral Kenneth Amalayefa. He is an elderly man who is fascinated by her appearance during his birthday party.

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Without knowing, she is surprised by the Admiral when he shows up to her mentors house uninvited. They have little conversation because she is nervous but the readers can tell that they showed interest in each other. They begin to see each other secretly and the Admiral takes her virginity later in the story. Their affair begins to get rocky because she is attached to the Admiral basically because he took her virginity. She cannot go very long without seeing him which kills her inside when he is out of town due to business.

The secret affair begins to get worse when Zilayefa figures out she is pregnant. She goes to the Admiral about the situation but he simply brushes her off. Later in the story the Admiral tries to provide her with abortions pills because he is not ready to be a father again. This makes her question her child, her love life, and her future. She decides to keep the baby which to me symbolizes that she overcame herself being exploited as a natural resource. If she decided to kill off the baby then it would mean that she allowed the Admiral to take over her future.

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