Yes, buy drugs for themselves. One just can

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Last updated: August 22, 2019

 Yes, I agree that compromise is necessary. Both deontological and teleological ethics view describe an ideal simple black and white situation. Where result is either A or B. None of them covered grey area that happens in real life.

For example,there are 10 people who were ex-criminals (sorry, I did not find any appropriate synonym for ex-criminal) living in a city. One day a citizen was murdered and it turned out that one of those ex-criminals killed that citizen. According to teleological view, government should remove every ex-criminals from the city and send them to jail. This will certainly provide security to thousands of people living in tat city from future incidents like this. And it will result in greater good so this means can be justified.On the other hand, deontological view will not support this mean.

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According to it, hurting 9 innocent people doesn’t justify the end. It is not a moral act to hurt 9 people based on 1 person’s wrongdoing even though thousands of people will be benefited from that act. Here, a middle ground must be determined by prosecuting that 1 person who was responsible for murder and let other 9 live their lives.I personally am not able to determine which one do I favor. As I stated earlier, there are situations where one acts on means without thinking about end.

Like if you are having your meal and some homeless kid asks you for food. You will definitely give that child some food or give some money to buy some food. But it might be possible that the child is a part of con group who uses children to fool people. And use that money to buy drugs for themselves. One just can not think or see end in every situation.Where there are some situations where one has to think about end before acting upon situation.

For example, You like a certain clothing brand and you have been buying clothes from that brand since very long time. It has a quality clothing with affordable prices. Suddenly one day you come to know that the company uses cheap child laborers from third world countries to produce these clothes. Even though you really like clothes of that brand and they are cheap and convenient for you, you will stop buying from that brand in future. You will see that means (You are buying cheap clothes) doesn’t justify the end (Child labor).

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