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Yes, Brutus is rightto join the conspiracy against Caesar.

Brutus should join the conspiracyagainst Caesar because Caesar can be dangerous with his power, and shows signsof possibly leading Rome back into a dictatorship. Brutus joining theconspiracy could prevent this. Caesar gives hints that he wants to become kingand turn Rome’s republic into a dictatorship when he shows his arrogance andhunger of power.

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Caesar shows tremendous pride and makes it obvious that hewants the crown, he wants the power. The other characters viewpoint of Caesaralso proves that Caesar is the type of person to want this power. Othercharacters can be seen as frightened of Caesar, or extremely loyal to him. Theidea that other characters are afraid of Caesar having such power can be seenwhen Cassius and the senate wants Brutus to join the conspiracy.

This is provenwhen Cassius convinces Brutus to join the conspiracy by saying, “No Caesar hathit not; but you and I, /And honest Casca, we have the falling sickness” (Act 1,scene 3). Cassius is talking about when Casca said he saw Caesar sick andCassius is saying that they are going to be the ones sick if Caesar comes topower. Cassius and the senate discuss the idea for Brutus to join the conspiracyso Caesar cannot hold so much power because it could put Rome in danger, andBrutus has the power to stop this from possibly happening. If Brutus could stopall of this from happening, it would be for his own benefit.

Also, Brutus isright to join the conspiracy because it shows that he is noble and brave tokill his own friend, showing the people of Rome that he will do anything he canfor the better of Rome, as well as possibly making him the most respectedpolitician in Rome. This will also increase his likeliness among the citizensof Rome. If Brutus assassinates Caesar, the people will likely believe it wasfor a good reason, due to Brutus’s likeliness and his high rank. This couldpossibly further develop Brutus into a more powerful politician in Rome. Thisis proven in the play when Brutus’s high rank in society is shown when Cassiusand the rest of the conspiracy go to Brutus to help assassinate Caesar becauseof his rank. If it were Brutus, there would not be an outrage of theassentation because Marcus Brutus is well liked enough to make it seem like itwas a good thing, once again further developing his likeliness, and the peoplewill look at him as a noble and brave politician. Brutus joining the conspiracycould also make him the most respected politician in Rome because he was ableto do something so hard, since Caesar was his friend, making Brutus look likenoble and brave.

Finally, Brutus is right to join the conspiracy because Caesarwill likely take advantage of the romans and their rights, and he will takeadvantage of Brutus himself. Caesar often takes advantage of people with therank he has now and if Caesar moves up into an even higher rank it will mostlikely get worse with the more power he has. Caesar will likely take advantageof friends and family, as well as the roman people due to his tremendous powerbased on his character so far in the play. Brutus realizes this and agrees tojoin the conspiracy when he says, “It must be by his death: and for my part/Iknow no personal cause to spurn at him,/But for the general good. He would becrown’d:/How that might change his nature,/And therefore think of him as aserpant’s egg/Which hatch’d, would, as his kind, grow mischievous,/And kill himin the shell”(Act 2, scene 1). Brutus is saying they need to kill Caesar beforehe gets too much power, proving that they are scared Caesar will take advantageof them and the roman citizens.

In conclusion, Brutus is right to join theconspiracy because Caesar can be a dangerous monarch that is no good for theroman republic, Brutus will be looked at as noble and brave, and Caesar cantake advantage of Brutus and the roman citizens if he gets into power.      

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