Yes, to consider people’s resistance to change when

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Yes,in my experience group decision making does turn into group thinking. Thereason for that is everyone in the group piggy back on everyone’s ideas. Theymake one finally decision with what the group agrees and comes up with. Peoplewho don’t think a lot just by hearing some ideas they can make ideas up andbring to the table and help out the group because there is not “I” in team. Also,every taught is unique in some way. Groups are very productive but most peopledon’t think so. All of that contributes to the tendency because many brains arebetter than one.

The first step of the rational decision-makingmodel is recognizing and defining the decision situationthat the stimulus for a decision may be positive or negative. Thesecond step is identifying alternatives by developing both obviouscreative and innovative solutions that useful and more important in decision.The third step is evaluating alternatives that each alternative be evaluated interms of feasibility, satisfactoriness, and consequences before retaining forfurther consideration. The forth step is implementing the chosen alternative byusing alternatives selected effectiveness in order to consider people’s resistance to change when implementing decisionand even anticipate potential resistance at various stage ofimplementation process.People approach their decision-making in certain ways, to believeand accept certain things, and to reject data or information. It is faithin the jury system that encourages its means to improve practices tofurther the effort to have open-minded and thoughtful jurors. By satisficing on a given judgment before exhausting allpossible options, an improper or illegal sentence might be imposed, whichviolates the convicted individual’s constitutional right.

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I think mixed juries are better than one race juries because itwon’t be a racially decision made at the end of the day and cause problems inthe world. When you mix the jury, everyone has different point of views andopinions. If the juries were the same they stick to one thing and don’t thinkfor themselves. Mixed juries will not avoid group thinking because you needdifferent inputs to come up with a verdict. One input is not a good verdict forthe trial. Group thinking would be the best for mixed juries and at the end ofthe day you will get a fair and honest verdict.

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