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Last updated: April 18, 2019

Youhave probably heard that we live in “the information age”. What does this meanexactly, and how might it affect your future work? According to sociologist andbusiness experts, it means that information has become the hottest commoditythere is. Those who can generate, harness, and share information the mostquickly and effectively are those who will create the most profitableinnovations (think Amazon and Google), tap the best markets, provide the bestservice, and take advantage of the next great opportunity. Most of yourcommunication on the job will be through brief messages, from Twitter updatesand blog posts to formal letters that might run to several pages. Learning howto write these messages effectively is the key to maintaining productiveworking relationships with colleague and customers.

The benefits of socialmedia in business communication are used to listen to customers, improvecustomer service, cheap way to promote business and rise in the sales.          Social media used as a tool to listento customers. It allows potential customers to share their opinions and networkwith them (Tina P.

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Singh, 2017, p.37). It is an extraordinarilyimportant part of millennial’s digital lives, in part because social networkshave become much more than a way to connect about personal matters. CommunityQ site (John V.Thill, 2013, p234). Moreover, companies have preparedQ (question and answer) site for customers to share their opinions. Thishave made customers and producers easier to communicate about the product.

Customers have the power to share highly diversified amount of data, which hasan impact on the (Abuhashesh, 2014, p.204). The customers have rights andcapability on investing their money in product which has higher demands. Socialmedia platform enables customers to get to know higher demand products easily.

            Other than that, companies canimprove their customer service. Able to interact with consumer market, througha low cost strategy (Abuhashesh, 2014, p.204). In this case, social media allowsbusiness to respond to their grievances questions and concerns almostinstantaneously. Customers or buyers want to be assured that can receive helpat earliest.

By doing this, a customer will gain trust on the business easilycompared to the late responds. Let companies to talk to their clientele and, atthe same time, it allows regulars to talk to one another (Dr. M. Saravanakumar, 2012,p.4445). According to Forbes 71% ofconsumers who receive a quick response on social media, they are more likely torecommend that brand to other people. Nowadays, there are so many online shopsin social media like Instagram and Facebook. Most common one is Instashop.

Instashop is a platform where the sellers sell goods by posting pictures ofthat item. Customers can also message or contact the sellers easily by chattingto them directly. The message will notify the seller and they will response asquick a possible. Ensure to provide consumers with the complete and latestsocial media experience (Abuhashesh, 2014, p.206).

In advance, there is applicationthat called quick respond where the mobile itself can reply automatically. Forexample, where the customers ask the price of an item, the quick responsesystem will reply the price automatically to the customer.            Furthermore, social media is aninexpensive way to market your business. It requires very little investment inthe relevant technology hence small companies can compete with large multinationalcorporate entities (Abuhashesh, 2014, p.

204). Small companies and people wo arestarting a business could set a high level advertising which could reach anenormous amount of people compared to big companies. Besides that, providingFacebook-only discounts and sneak peeks at upcoming products (Dr. M. Saravanakumar, 2012,p.4447) This will ensure of increase inthe customers to perform an efficient business.

In this case, marketing andadvertising, through social media is the best way and cost efficient. Moreover,sharing content on social media for no cost at all another (Tina P.Singh, 2017, p.

37). Social media is not a official platform foradvertising but sellers are using it as a platform to sell things. This isbecause social media is a zero percentage advertising cost.

This has become agolden opportunity for the sellers can post pictures and make it visible torandom people. Furthermore, social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterestprovides advertising at low cost. They also provide a system for advertisingwhere, the sellers can target the audience according to their age, placegender. This is one of the low cost advertising system.            Besides, social media increase thesales of a product. Microblogging quickly caught on with users and is now a mainstreambusiness medium site (John V.

Thill, 2013, page 246). Microblogging arefrequently used for providing company updates, offering coupons and notice ofsales, presenting tips on product usage, sharing relevant and interestinginformation from experts, serving as the backchannel in meeting andpresentation and interacting with customers individually. Other than that, therevenues are attained from the mass volume of the consumers that visit thewebsite (Abuhashesh, 2014, p.205). The main focus of these companiesare to provide the consumers with excellent level of social media experience. Althoughwebsites like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and Myspace specialized socialexperience to users, they provide a similar set of function. The function of these platform isto make sure that the individuals from the global community have the ability tocommunity have the ability to communicate a mass amount of information witheach other without any filters. The role of the companies has changed becauseof the amount of information power which has been provide by the consumers.

Dueto worldwide access, and huge amount of daily users, it delivers instantinformation thus giving business to advertise their product (Tina P.Singh, 2017, p.38). In this era, almost all the people around the worldhave been introduce to the internet and have the access of it. Thus, this makesit easier to promote a product and it to gain popularity. So, it increases thesales of the products.            In conclusion, with social mediadeveloping at a cosmic rate, there is an enormous effect of social media and italso shows what are the likes and preference of our friends and family andaccordingly decide on the product based on their peers’ preference over glossymagazine advertisement.

The advancement in social media has outdate theadvertisement in newspapers and magazines. Social media is fast and economicalway to promote business. Although social media wasn’t originally designed forbusiness use, one cannot deny the vast number of people using these platformsfor making and communicating. I hope the social media develops in marketing andpromoting business more in future.

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