“You fragile looking girl with porcelain skin, bright

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Last updated: July 11, 2019

 “You are the only person who can save us now, please help.” The voice pleaded with a great amount of passion and urgency. The figure before her had no face, instead there was a black whole where it should have been. It was tall and lanky with and unmistakable smell of must and dirt as if it hadn’t seen the outside world for a long time. “They’re coming, you must hurry! Just go-” Suddenly the voice faded and the image before her eyes started swirling wildly, melting. Rosemary awoke with a start realizing it was only a dream.

It just seemed so real that it shook her to the core. Rosemary waited for her heart to stop trying to jump out of her chest and slowly stepped out of her bed onto the unforgivingly cold wooden floor below her. She tiptoed out of her room and to the bathroom just outside the doorway and splashed freezing cold water on her sweat covered face. As she looked up to find a towel she saw her reflection. A fragile looking girl with porcelain skin, bright green eyes, and a big nose stared back at her. However something was off about the person she had seen every time she looked in a mirror or at a camera. There was an odd marking on her left temple, it was just a red line that looked like a scar, but it hadn’t been there before. Rosemary stood frozen for a minute wondering how that could have possibly gotten there during the night when suddenly the dream she so desperately wanted to forget, flooded back to her.

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 She remembered the eerie figure without a face grabbing at nothing in particular in front of it. Rapidly reaching their arms out as if it was trying to escape what was behind them. During one of the many desperate reaches the figures long nail skimmed her face on the left side, leaving a stinging sensation on her face, and a strange sensation in her soul. It was like a part of herself had been ignited. A part that she never knew existed.

She had felt a sudden sympathy for the struggling being in front of her, but she couldn’t get herself to move. Rosemary shook her head as if it was going to help her forget the haunting image that kept coming back to her. She walked back to her room quietly so she wouldn’t wake up her roommate.

Slowly she climbed back in bed and pulled the now cold sheets on top of her. She lay there for what seems like hours wishing that sleep would never come, but soon the inevitable happened and she drifted off into a deep sleep.

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