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You Make the Rules Summative        Studentswould improve themselves when they learn in positive learning environment. Mostpeople think learning in a positive environment and their surrounding friendsand classmates are progressive and educated is conducive to better learning,but some people think learning in a quiet, peaceful, and would not be disturbedenvironment is more conducive to better learning. However, why do most peoplethink learning in school is better? Schools have rules, rules are for educate studentsto be a better person and to teach kids how to work with other people at work.

Rules in school is to let you practice how to comply with laws in reality societywhen you grow up as an adult. So, rules and laws are mostly the same, thelittle different place is adults need to comply with laws at work and studentsneed to comply with rules at school.        Weneed rules in school because without rules there is no influence over thestudents.

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A few students are not maturing enough to go to a School withoutdecides and that can be a serious problem for the students around them. theycould probably influence other students that are learning very hard, they candistract other students and maybe others would become as naught as them, too.So, school rules can curb them and give every student a fair learningenvironment. Rules keep students’ safety, school rules are necessary because kids’punk, bully, or leave out kids. They enable children to know whether they aredoing some awful or not by revealing to them what they can’t do and what theycan do. To know what’s appropriate from wrong because some kids are taught inhome.

Kids should be taught in school. it’s necessary to have regulations, foryou to assist to preserve all of the students’ order and safety. making certainthat the faculty guidelines are abided via is essential for students topreserve order and calm through understanding, getting to know, expertise andfollowing regulations, students would act within the proper manner. whether amale student or a female student should comply with the regulations, it iscrucial to comply with the school rules.The secondreason why rules are important in school is that when students grow up to beadults, they will learn to follow laws in society just as they learn to followrules in school. Adults learn when they were kids, they understand whatshouldn’t do or what should do. As a student, the most important thing is tolearn in school because school could almost teach you everything they could,school rules taught us need to do something right, but normally in schoolmistakes wouldn’t be too big.

Compare to the real society, school rules arelike practicing what would happen in reality. Schools ought to be responsiblefor training students to be learned about their general surroundings,notwithstanding when the guardians slack off. It ought to be a joint exertionamongst parent and instructor to prepare the up and coming age of youngsters tobe free and arranged for what’s coming down the road. School Rules help us learn to prepare forbeing a good citizen in society. We are responsible for these rules by being alaw-abiding citizen. students learn that there are rules about fighting, beingwasteful, lying, and stealing. Laws are not affecting or blocking off students’authority of learning or intended to set educating help boundaries, but lawsare enforced, and it is punishable. after you are 18 years old, you need tocontend with laws, you have already learned the various laws and ways to notviolate the laws.

The third reasonwhy rules are important in school is that school is similar to a training campfor student before they enter into the work place. Comparing to students andadults’ responsibilities. Students’ responsibilities happen when understudiesplay a dynamic part in their learning by remembering they are responsible fortheir scholastic achievement. Studentsduty is shown when students settle on decisions and take activities which leadthem toward their education goals. Every understudy’s capacity to learnand pick up the most ideal prizes from his/her school encounter relies on adomain which is helpful for learning and to exercises which are steady with thetargets of a scholarly foundation.As an adult, they ought to progressivelyassume liability for ourselves and for others.

        Iexpected students learn at school. I’m not expected how students behave atschool, I expected students learn at school. I think students are at school tolearn, not to behave. How students’ behavior at school is sitting straight, dowhat teacher said, following instructions. That is great, but they’re notlearning at all.

So, I think students should do anything that can help he/shelearn, not to behave like a good student and learning nothing. Adults aredifferent. They have to behave like a good worker in front of their bossbecause people always inference people on how they behave, not how theirattitude on working. So, my suggestion rule is learning things in your style,and work hard anytime. In school,treating one another at school is to respect your classmates. Respect to othersis important because respectful can get credent and liked. You’ll need to earnyour friends trust and be cool to others at school.

The first thing you need todo is to respect to others like don’t touch or take things that is not belongyou and try to be funny and cool at school. At work, you need your workenvironment to be one that works in a smooth, imaginative way with allrepresentatives fulfilled and beneficial. A vital component to accomplishingthis sort of condition is treating others similarly. This implies offeringadmiration to each laborer as you make progress toward a climate of reasonable,proactive and square with treatment by demanding an open, fair conditionconcentrated on clear correspondence and incite reactions to all workerconcerns.

Concede and gain from your oversights when they happen so you canadvance toward the sort of working environment everybody merits.        Forthese reasons, following rules in school prepare students to be better adaptedin the work place. Imagine if there are no one follow rules at work or atschool. What would happen? Rule#1:NORACISM IN SCHOOLRacism happens in unequivocal forms, forexample, ridiculing, prodding, avoidance, name-calling, teasing, exclusion,verbal abuse and bullying manhandle and tormenting. It is additionallyindirectly presented prejudiced attitude exhibited through partial states ofmind, absence of acknowledgment of social decent variety and socially one-sidedrehearses. It has been recognized prejudice can profoundly affect students,teachers and affects the school atmosphere. NOBULLYINGIt is critical for schools to addressbullying, Bullying can threaten students’ physical and emotional safety atfaculty and might negatively impact their capability to study.

college bullyingwill be greater widespread if it isn’t always addressed properly. Statesprovide recommendations as to when bullying requires intervention by using lawenforcement officials. schools have an obligation to outline bullying andnicely report it.

it is a country wide safety issue.Rule#3:NOSWEARINGSwearing can increase a folk’s anger andtemper. imagine all the students swearing, and each day, they turn out to beangrier and uncontrollable.additionally, while someone curses, itbecomes a habit for them, which causes them to swear at beside the pointinstances such as in the front of a predominant, teacher, friends, or even parentswhilst they may be in hassle, and many others. In those conditions, swearingmight absolutely be taken into consideration as impolite and disrespectful.Rule#4:BEINGPOLITE AND RESPECT TO TEACHERS, STUDENTS, and VISITORPoliteness can and will improve yourrelationships with others, assist to build appreciate and rapport, enhancesyour self-confidence and self-belief, and enhance your verbal exchange talents.recognize goes beyond surely being civil to others, or refraining from vulgarlanguage.

it’s far attributing price to others, regarding their thoughts,priorities, and feelings as same to at least one’s personal.Rule#5:NOSTEALING, HITTING, and BEING WASTEFULIf students steal others stuff in school,it would affect the student’s whole life. Some high schools or colleges won’taccept a student with a criminal record to learn in their school.

And anotherpoint is if the student is crazy about stealing something, the student mightget caught and be in jail for a few years.Rule#6:NOEXPLOSIVE, FLAMMABLE, KNIFE, GUN IN SCHOOLIf students bring any explosive weapons or someflammable things, guns, knifes to school, they might hurt people whetheraccidently or intentionally. Weapons have to no longer be allowed in school.

itwould possess a threat to each students and instructors. if they were allowedon school campus there would be lots more shootings and deaths because fromtime to time youngsters can get irritated or disappointed and can shoot someonewho makes them disenchanted.Rule#7:DRUGSAND SMOCK ARE NOT ALLOWED IN SCHOOLDrugs and smock are unhealthy for students’young body. Students’ bodies are still growing up, their bodies are not oldenough to bear the drugs or smocks toxicity. The reason is when taking drugs,his body cannot absorb new nutrients, but in order to keep functioning, thebody has to consume the nutrients originally stored.Rule#8:THESCHOOL UNIFORM AND GROOMINGIn order to bring our teaching standardsback to a global level, we need to make radical changes.

Our college shouldonce again be a safe haven and community center to nurture and develop ourcollege students. All of our young people want business, aspirations andsafety, self-esteem, purpose, hope and safety, and understanding of theenvironment around their development. When a school becomes a mandatoryuniform, all of the above will become meaningless. All college students arebasically the same. Awareness returns to yourself, not you are exercising, notwhat you are wearing or you may come up with money. Students find it harder tokeep up with today’s tide.Rule#9:STAYFOCUS IN CLASS, NEVER PLAY WHLE CLASS TIMEStudents should stay focus in during classtime because staying focus on learning is still the best way to learn inschool, whether you grade are good or horrible because staying focus is one ofthe main point in working as an adult.

School trains students learn to stayfocus on class, so when students grow up and they will be able to pay attentionon their work. Rule#10:DON’TDAMAGE SCHOOL’S PROPERTYWhen a student lacks respect for schoolproperty, it is able to reduce the quality of your school. Carving derogatoryphrases and emblems into school property can also make a scholar who inheritsuse of the property uncomfortable when they find out the defacement. when youdamage school assets, you risk being punished. The faculty may also documentthe incident to your mother and father, that may result in tremendous damages.this situation also can input your records, leaving a stain in your school andcredibility.

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