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“You go intothe Humanities to pursue your intellectual passion and you emerge as a desiredcommodity for the industry.

” I interpret Damon Horowitz’s statement as anindication that a degree in Humanities seamlessly expunges the dust on our mind’s eye, enabling us to examineourselves as human beings from the perspective of reason and to develop anincreasingly clear understanding of the world in which we live. In my constantreflections on the conditions of human existence and on the forces that havehelped to determine the social order and social structure of which I am a part,I have decided to pursue the study of Political Science as my lifelong careerobjective. I will endeavor to develop myself into a political thinker devotedto social programs, who can turn visions and conceptions into realities. In terms ofextracurricular activities, I have aided younger students in the development oftheir reading skills through a paired reading scheme set up by the school. Iwas also one of few sixth formers chosen to train as a Peer Mentor; a rolewhich requires commitment as I meet with a younger student each week to discussany issues they have. Both these roles have improved my communication,organisation and appeal to my responsible nature. Furthermore, it has given methe ability to balance various commitments. I was elected sports captain for myhouse in school; this means I am responsible for the organisation and runningof sports teams and events within the house, as well as participating.

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Duringmy time at Queens’ I have been involved in many debates which has enabled me todiscuss current issues, and allowed me to reflect on the opinion of others.I am a dedicated swimmer and often train up to four times a week, for the lasttwelve years. I have also previously volunteered at the local rainbows, for twoyears, initially as part of the Duke of Edinburgh scheme, but due to greatenjoyment, I continued after the scheme ended. This year I attended the ‘Battleof Ideas’ where many aspects and issues in society were discussed. Thesedebates and talks only heightened my interests and encouraged me to further myknowledge of the world and societies around me.I took a strong interest in Political Science and History at A-Levelwhich widened my perception of historians, global history and matured myanalytical and evaluative skills, an aspect I am keen to ameliorate in highereducation. My interests have led me read political science works includingJason Ralphs’s, ‘America’s War on Terror,’ and ‘Diplomacy’ by Henry Kissinger.

I am captivated by the diversity and depth offered by a Political Science degreeand attracted by the way it encourages us to be analytical of the values andpatterns of past societies. It never fails to deliver a remarkable challengeand demands independent opinion, intellectual rigor and the ability tointerrogate which will give me the academic foundations needed to excel atuniversity. Studying History at A-levels stirred me to go beyond the syllabusto independently research issues that intrigued me. I find exploring differentsources very stimulating, especially where intriguing relationships emergebetween the two.  Through studying History at A level, Ihave learnt, not just about the past, but the skills of analysis, how to infersources and how to explore the diversity of historical opinions.

I have alsostudied English Literature and Psychology at post secondary level; all threesubjects have given me transferable skills which have aided me in my studies.English literature has allowed me to further strengthen my skills of analyticalwriting and benefit my ability to communicate ideas effectively. I have alwaysbeen a passionate reader and the subject has inspired me to explore various genresand texts and introduced me to writers that I otherwise wouldn’t have read or discovered,such as Jhampa Lahiri and Robert Frost.

 In Psychology there is a great deal of analysis,research and evaluation; skills which will be very useful whilst studyingPolitical Science and International Relations. Psychology has also taught mehow to write a reasoned argument, and identify relevant points whilst avoiding abiased viewpoint. Understanding our past is vital tounderstanding the future and this is what increases my interest in Political Science.Studying this course into higher levels would advance my knowledge andunderstanding of the world, in which people and countries co-operate togetherboth politically and within an organized structure. Political Science woulddeepen my knowledge of the world around me and would hopefully lead to excitingand continuous career prospects.  For this reason, I would positively relish theopportunity to study Political Science at a degree level from a prestigiousinstitute like LUMS, which was my first choice not only becauseof its diversity in undergraduate programs, but the quality of education itprovides and the numerous opportunities to grow personally and professionallyespecially in the field of community service. I can’t think of a betterinstitute where I can study subjects like Political Science in a true sense tobuild up a critical thinking mind.

I believe that from LUMS I will learn moreabout collaboration and problem solving and will also enhance my capacity tomake a difference.  I anticipate becoming a LUMS graduate and advancinginto new realms that I have not touched upon and believe that studyingPolitical Science will greatly enhance my knowledge and understanding of theworld. I feel that myeducational background and extracurricular activities will make me a suitable candidate to pursue Political Science at LUMS.In order to learn about the past and benefit from it in the future, it isnecessary to deeply understand what governs these social structures.

That iswhat I want to be ready for. I wish to useLUMS as a platform not only to provide abasis for a career within international politics but also to immerse myself inthe subject for its own sake. My drive and my dedication will make me successful,and studying Political Science will help me achieve my full potential, which I’mcertain will make a unique and profound contribution to the university. 

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