Young Goodman Brown

Young Goodman Brown 1. What is the point of view? The point of view is the third person limited ominescient because the viewpoint is focused on the thoughts and actions of a single character. Where does it change and what is the result? The point of view changes when 2.

What allegorical meanings might be given to the following: Goodman Brown? His wife Faith, The forest? Night, Brown’s Journey 3. What is Brown’s motive for going into the forest and what results does he expect? 4. After meeting the “sable figure” in the forest, Brown announces that he is going to return home.But he does not. What does the sable figure do entice Bown to continue deeper into the forest? 5. Find parallels between the Witch Meeting and Communion? 6. “Had Goodman Brown…..

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only dreamed a wild dream of  a witch meeting? ”Point out places in the story in which Hawthorne is intentionally ambiguous about the happenings. Why does he do so? 7. Does the story demonstrate the devil’s claim that “Evil is the nature of mankind”? Miss Brill 1. We view the people  and events of the story almost entirely through the eyes and feelings of the protagonist.After you have  answered the questions below, write a short description of the character and temperament of Miss Brill. 2. What is the setting of the story and why is it important? 3.

How old is Miss Brill? Why does she “listen in” on conversations? 4. Why does she especially like Sundays and what is her mood at the beginning of the story? 5. What is her mood at the end? 6. What function foes the fur piece serve? 7. What is the meaning of the final sentence? A Jury of her Peers 1. At the time this story was published, women were not entitled to vote or to sit on juries.The title alludes to the concept in common law that an accused man has the right to be judged by his peers. Given these facts, what ironies are suggested by the title and decision reached by Mrs.

Hal and Mrs. Peters? 2. In what various ways are Mrs. Hale and Mrs. Peters “peers” of Mrs. Wright? 3.

Characterize the men in the story. What common assumptions do they make about women? How do these assumptions prove to be ironic? 4. Should Mrs. Wright been “brought to justice,” or would you prefer the ending that we are given? Why? The Rocking Horse Winner 1.

In what ways does this story begin like a fairy tale?In what ways it different? 2. Characterize the mother. Compare her with stepmothers from fairy tales like “Cinderella” and “Hansel and Gretel” 3. What kind of child is Paula and what are his motivations? 4. What does the “whispering house” represent? 5. Why does money increase the whisperings of the house? 6.

What might the boy’s furious riding of the rocking horse symbolize? 7. What is the “theme” of this story. That is, if you could reduce the story to a single statement, what would that be? The Destructors 1        Who is the protagonist in the story: Trevor, Blackie or the Gang?Who is the antagonist? Identify the conflicts in the story 2        This story has the basic elements of commercial fiction: the protagonist has a goal, is confronted with obstacles, and eventually has success. How does this story differ from that simple formula and simplistic theme? 3        What is the setting? How is it significant? 4        What symbolism do you see in the house? 5        Why does this gang destroy Old Misery’s house? Why does Trevor destroy it? 6        What does this story tell us about human nature in general? 7        Briefly characterize T. Is he simple or complex?

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