Youth also play a vital role. These soft,

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Last updated: August 26, 2019

Youth unemployment problem has continued to dominate, and it’s facilitated with many fundamental causes.

Lack of right skills is among the well-known causes to not help young people to transit for the world of work from here forward. Companies and organizations that need to recruit locally in order to grow their market fail because they struggle to find right people with the right skills.  Estimates suggest that globally more than 35% of the employers aren’t able to fill empty job openings due to inadequateness of the required skills.In the countries dominated by high age group of youngsters there is an even more vital need to generate more job opportunities for the youth demanding decent work. It is by no means an astonishment that the Sustainable Development Goals even emphasized on hastening the youth employment.Good basic education has no substitute since it shapes a foundation for learning. In shaping the today’ youth as future employees, guidance from home, society and community also play a vital role. These soft, basic and entrepreneurship skills are crucial for the young people in this 21st century to enable them to make successful transition into good jobs.

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These skills are what the employers tend to seek in an employee often alongside their competence in relation to that job. The following skills can be considered good news while making transition to getting a job.Communication SkillsThe capability to communicate effectually is one of the most important skills for the workforce. Most of the graduates’ struggle with it because they are used to interact electronically, and they are confronted when having discussions face to face with somebody.

Through possessing communication skills that make young people career-ready will help them to articulate thoughts clearly, listen to ultimately gain understanding, be able to express their ideas and opinions through written, non-verbal and oral. Youngsters should be open-minded to understand to how to communicate within an organization structure. ValueAnyone who is looking for a job should be able to answer a fundamental question of what it means by adding value to an organization or company.

Employers are looking to recruit people who are eager to learn, engage and have passion for achievement, this is a concrete way to add value to an entity.  ProfessionalismAs we make a transition from university/high school to the labor market it can be a new enviroment for youngsters. Good working habits is the key to professionalism. Being responsible, with time management skills and well organized are keys to professionalism.  

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