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(Yusof 2012 cited in Leiper 1990) The theory of the framework to understand Natural attractions is Leiper’s tourist attraction system. According to Leiper (1990), a tourist is a system comprising of three elements, which are a tourist or human element, a nucleus or central element and a marker or informative element. A tourist attraction comes into existence when the three elements are connected.

The first element consists of people travelling away from home in search for satisfying leisure related activities. In the natural landscape and food, wine context, the tourist or human element is diverse and varied and may include spectator and participant-based outdoor events. The second component of Leiper’s tourist attraction system is the nucleus or the site of an outdoor event. The second component of Leiper’s tourist attraction system is the nucleus or the site of a natural landscape and wildlife of spectacular.

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Leiper 1990 described the nucleus as any characteristic of a destination that a tourist considers visiting or actually visits and is a place where a tourist experience is created, experienced and consumed. The nucleus is also being described in terms of an attraction hierarchy where a natural landscape and wildlife may be more important than others in terms of influencing the decision to travel. The final element of the attraction systems consists or markers. Leiper 1990 described a marker as items of information, about any phenomenon that is a potential nuclear element in a tourist attraction.

Markers can also take the form of news item or publicity regarding a competition and commercial activities of sponsors. Natural attractions WA’s icon, typically the major tourist attractions at a destination, they are natural or built assets that are widely accepted by visitors as important tourist attractions or experiences. In WA from north to south are worth to explore, there have more than 12,500 kilometers of beaches coastline. The beaches are amongst the best Australia has to offer, while offshore small island abounds. The wildlife is spectacular, such as from north of crocodiles to kangaroos, wallabies, emus, and camels. the natural landscape and wildlife of spectacular to attract the international visitors and intrastate visitors.

The tourism development in WA shows that more and more local people and international traveler to choose the holiday to explore the beautiful natural landscape and enjoy food, wine. According to the survey from the Western Australian tourism (2018) compared with 2014 the number of local residents who participated in the one-day tour in 2015 increased by 25%, while the number of people who participated in the two days’ tour increased by 10%. WA has most natural and wildlife than other states in Australia, the natural ecology to attract who like to explore natural wildlife.


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