Zain region (“Overview,” 2017). The company changed its

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Zain has always been a leading mobile telecommunicationscompany in the Middle East and North Africa. In 1983, Mobile Telecommunications Company (MTC) started operating inKuwait. MTC was the old brand name for Zain. MTCwas the first mobile operator in the region. In 2003, the company decided tobegin applying its expansion strategy. MTC began to grow rapidly in both theMiddle East and Africa. It was done through the acquisition of several mobileoperators across the region (“Overview,” 2017).

            The companychanged its name to Zain. It was due to the company deciding to rebrand. Theybelieved that by changing the name of the company to Zain, this will help to betterreflect the growing status of the whole organization as a leadingmulti-national mobile service provider with global aspirations and dreams.Thus, the name Zain was adopted as the Group’s corporate master brand(“Overview,” 2017).            Asof 2008, Zain became the fourth largest mobile operator in the world in terms of geographicalpresence. Continuing with that same year, It began operating in 15 Africancountries and seven in the Middle East. In the following year, March 2009, Zaincontinued to grow and develop by getting involved into a 50/50 partnership withAl Ajial Investment Fund Holding. This journey lead Zain o obtain a 31% stakein Inwi, the third mobile telecom operator in Morocco (“Overview,”2017).

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            Zainmade a tactical decision in 2010. The company decided to focus andconcentrate on its highly cash generative Middle East and North Africaoperations. It managed to do that by investing in new growth opportunities inthese markets.

This huge decision led to the sale of 100% of Zain Africa BV (‘Zain Africa’) to Bharti Airtel Limited. The deal was made in June 2010for the total consideration of USD 10.7 billion on an enterprise value basis.The consequence of this decision was the acquiring of Zain in 15 differentcountries in Africa by Bharti Airtel.

The news of this event represented abittersweet moment in Zain’s history. Zain was proud of what the companyachieved in Africa but felt overwhelmed by the success and value Bharti Airtelidentified in the operations on the continent (“Overview,” 2017).             With a massivecommercial footprint in 8 countries in the region, Zain managed to re-defineditself as a leading mobile and data services operator in the Middle East andNorth Africa after having exited Africa.

As of today, the company operates asZain in Kuwait, Bahrain, Iraq, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, South Sudan; and inLebanon as touch (under a management contract). In Morocco, Zain has a15.5% stake in ‘INWI,’ through a joint venture. Over 7,000 employees provide acomprehensive range of market-leading mobile voice and data services to a baseof over 45.2 million active customers as of June 30, 2017, (“Overview,”2017).

3. Corporate BusinessStrategy:            Zain’s business strategyis based on six transformational initiatives: Customer Experience, OperationalEffectiveness, Value Management, B2B, DigitalFrontier and Innovation, and Talent Development (“Overview,” 2017).A.             Vision:            Zain’s vision is centeredon building a sustainable and innovative digital communications company. Bydoing that, Zain will manage to serve its consumers and enterprises with a richand simple mobile experience.

Also, Zain aims to be the leading provider ofinnovation and digital lifestyle communications by providing the best andsimplest experience for its customers. The company is absolutely passionateabout customer experience, operational effectiveness, business growth and thedevelopment of its people as well as human development everywhere (“OurBrand,” 2017).B.              Mission:•    Enhance and add toits customer lives by offering innovative telecommunication services (“OurBrand,” 2017).

•    Develop strongrelationships with customers by providing a greater customer experience(“Our Brand,” 2017).•    Offer businessesproducts and services that enable them to operate more effectively and costefficiently (“Our Brand,” 2017).•    Make a positivedifference to the local community by promoting a knowledge based society andparticipating in community development programs (“Our Brand,” 2017).

C.              Goals:             The company’s maingoal is to enable more effective communication methods with all itsstakeholders, and to provide conclusive and informative reports to become moretransparent (“Our Brand,” 2017). Based on my interview with Nasallah,Zain’s goal is to provide the best customer service and to exceed customersexpectations in the market.

  D.             Objectives: •    To be Transparent(“Our Brand,” 2017).•    Disclosures ofinformations (“Our Brand,” 2017).             Zain believes that itis fundamental for the company to be transparent and to disclosures itinformations. It is the way Zain does business, trying hard at all times toensure that investors, customers, employees, suppliers and all parties withwhom it conducts business can rely on the company to operate in a responsibleand ethical manner (“Our Brand,” 2017).

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